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  • Finatechreposatu.pdf
  • corrprobasswithspaclaunveh_031607135408.pdf

    A document reporting various space vehicle corrosion issues. Original is photocopy.
  • commprobrelaluna_022807133241.pdf

    "This technical note concerns some of the problems encountered with the landing of a payload on the moon. The main problem areas such as guidance, velocity control and impact considerations are discussed. Although no final conclusions or designs are intended, it is hoped that the material presented will serve as a guide for future detailed work."
  • finalscript24_082707130149.pdf

    Film script for the Saturn Quarterly Film Report - April through June, 1965.
  • comsysbladurreeoflarveh_031808114618.pdf

    This paper was published in the Proceedings of the IEEE, volume 55, number 5, May 1967.; ABSTRACT: Much of the theoretical research on reentry blackout is in a format difficult for the communications design engineer to use in his system analysis. This paper derives simplified equations for the average sheath power loss that may be added (in dB) to the usual space loss to obtain an approximate total propagation loss. The plasma and sheath properties are discussed in detail but largely without supporting mathematics, in order to give the design engineer a better understanding of the overall problem. For the same reason and to provide insight into the final results, the average radiated power is found, using both intuitive and rigorous techniques. Several graphs of plasma properties are included in the development as an aid to numerical computation, and results are compared with the work of other authors.
  • doculistsatustag_110409160502.pdf.pdf

    The information presented in this document represents a listing of all formal documentation prepared under contract NAS7-200. The listing has been arranged under major categories as specific in SID 61-366A, reissued 10 August 1964. Within each categorization , the reports and specifications have been listed in numerical sequence.
  • Meteorites and Ballistics_022107151909.pdf

    Technical Report surrounding meteorites and their ballistics.
  • spc_stnv_000133.pdf

    The abstract notes, "The development of an automatic pressure transducer calibration system is discussed in this report. Evolution from past practices and systems into an automatic calibration system with computerized data handling is described."
  • spc_conr_000074_000096.pdf

    This NASA Technical Memorandum highlights women working in technical support, clerical and nonprofessional administrative roles, professional administrative roles, and professional scientific and engineering roles at NASA Centers.
  • spc_stnv_000134.pdf

    The abstract notes, "This paper describes the Automatic Saturn V Page Test System. The system is used to evaluate microminiature Unit Logic Device (ULD) circuits. A page is an assembly consisting of a magnesium- lithium frame, an input-output connector, test points, and multilateral printed circuit boards that interconnect the IUDs into logic circuits. The test system automatically performs tests for shorted voltages and shorted diodes, static logic function, and pulse function."
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