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  • chrysatustory_062707124831.pdf

    The document is a booklet created as part of the NASA/Chrysler Corporation Space Division manned flight awareness program. It discusses Chrysler's role in manufacturing and testing the Saturn and includes photographs and diagrams of Saturn stages, operations at Michoud, testing, and future missions. The section headings included in this booklet are "Chrysler and the Saturn," "Saturn at Michoud," "The Voyage of Saturn," "Saturn Firings," and "Saturn's Missions."
  • spacfligprojtodaandtomo_032207104326.pdf

    NASA symposium on scientific and technical Information.
  • scan0024rev_080107141946.jpg

    8 x 10 inch black and white photograph.; Image includes dimensions and labels of exterior features of the rocket.
  • scanstich_072210162848.jpg

    News article that details the creation and function of a lunar module or "moon bug" created by Wernher von Braun.
  • SatuVstagstat_091307144721.pdf

    Report detailing the progress of the Saturn V's construction, focusing on the individual parts.
  • satvapollunorbitrend_050807104721.pdf

    Diagram explaining the process of a lunar mission from liftoff to recovery.
  • Satulaunvehi_081407123504.pdf

    General O'Connor's presentation to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Centers around saturn space vehicles and makes references to slides.
  • Satulunavehi_091707160212.pdf

    Aerospace Workshop, University of Hawaii.; Includes references to slides.
  • saturnsii_062907104459.pdf

    The S-II is the second stage of NASA's Apollo moon-landing rocket - the giant Saturn V. The most powerful hydrogen-fueled booster under production, the S-II is destined for Apollo manned lunar missions and will help power three Americans to the moon. The S-II is being developed and manufactured at Seal Beach, Calif., by North American's Space and Information Systems Division, Downey, Calif., under the technical direction of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala.
  • satus-icannuprogepofiscyear1964.pdf

    This report encompasses the progress made by The Boeing Company on the Saturn S-IC Program for the fiscal year 1964 (From July 1, 1963 through July 2, 1964). The main objective of this report is to serve as an historical presentation stressing Boeing accomplishments and present capabilities under Contract NAS8-5608.
  • Satus-ic1965.pdf.pdf

    This Annual Progress Report has been prepared by the Boeing Company to fulfill the requirement under Article XXX, Paragraph A and C, Modification 100 of Contract, NAS8-5608 as amended by NASA letter I-MICH-DB, dated May 19, 1965, B. H. Aldridge to E. S. Olason. Subject: Change of NAS8-5608 to incorporate Quarterly Technical Progress into the Annual Progress Report.
  • satugulfcoastpres_061307115347.pdf

    Presentation about the Saturn program and its purpose in the gulf coast.
  • satuilluchroapri1957-augu1963_041307131645.pdf

    A list of images with detailed descriptions of what they are and their histories.
  • satillchr19571962_060407132819.pdf

    Document detailing the history of the saturn project between April, 1957 through November, 1962.
  • satstasIIjul71961min_031307092529.pdf

    Transcription of a confrence aiming to propose ideas for new rocket designs. Includes references to slides.
  • satuanditsmiss_033007152437.pdf

    Presentation from Harper, discussing the Saturn Project's then-status, background and plans.
  • satuandtheexploofspac_042007155818.pdf

    Presentation Raymond Pisani to the East-West Bank Chamber of Commerce regarding the Saturn project's roll in space exploration and what contrabutions the East-West Bank can make in that area.
  • propdeveprobassowithlargliqurock_040207114707.pdf

    NASA technical memorandum, Propulsion and Mechanism Branch. Propulsion and Vehicle Engineering Division, Research and Development Operations.
  • pracautomanufcheck_051107090838.pdf

    This paper presents a number of solutions to a number of unanswered questions regarding the Saturn projects.
  • msfcmannedspaceflight_050807110513.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the January 29, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 1, " MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides , a film report and narrative back-up information to support the presentation.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforaug271963manacounmeet_061307104700.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the August 27, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."; Original is photocopy.; M-CP-P(R40).; TMXS 7544.; Includes references to film and slides.; Contents include: 1. SA-5 Status; 2. SA-5 voice orbital transmitter; 3. Integration effort.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatfordec181962manacounmeet_061107105019.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the December 18, 1962, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforprestothemanacounmarc261963_042007121326.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. Von Braun's presentation for the March 26, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 3, "MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides, a film report and narrative backup-information to support the presentation.
  • Meetwithdire_111808165933.pdf

    The following people participated in an all day meeting at ABMA Huntsville on 6 January 1960: Dr. W. Von Braun, Mr. E. Rees, Mr. A. Hyatt, Mr. A. Siepert. Writer of the memorandum is Abraham Hyatt, Deputy Director, Launch Vehicle Programs.
  • Satusyststud.pdf

    Study regarding the three-stage carrier vehicle E-1 engines.
  • Satuvmanainfo.pdf

    This document contains copies of management charts maintained in the Managerial Data Center of the executive Staff on the Saturn V project. To facilitate use of this document, all Saturn V classified data has been removed and will be published in Volume XI. A list of these charts are shown on the "Table of Contents". Information on other MSFC activities will be published in separate volumes as indicated on the "Schedule for Publication of Data Bank Charts" contained in this volume.
  • SatuS-II1963.pdf

    This document, prepared in compliance with NASA contract NAS7-200, is the first annual progress report on the Saturn S-11 Program at the Space and Information Systems Division of North American Aviation, Inc. It provides a summary- and a technical analysis of results of contract work for the period 1 July 1962 through 30 June 1963.; SID 63-1028-1 251 pages. Include illustrations.
  • ManuplanSatV(1).pdf

    Manufacturing plan for Saturn V Booster stage S-IC
  • ManuplanSatV.pdf

    This procedure provides the necessary information for the fabrication and assembly of the Saturn C-5 booster stage S-IC. The manufacturing methods outlined herein represent techniques that will be utilized both at Michoud and MSFC wherever possible. The concepts and methods outlined are of a preliminary nature consistent with the stage of design at this time. These concepts and methods are subject to change. This Manufacturing Plan will be periodically updated to reflect such changes. The processes and techniques proposed in this Manufacturing Plan are generally within the present state of the art, consistent with reliability requirements for manned space flight and advocated for use with the limited manufacturing facilities of the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Michoud Production Facility.; Includes memorandum dated 15 Jan. 1963 from J. H. Chesteen, Chief, Engineering Planning Section. M-ME-SE.; Includes memorandum from J. H. Chesteen and N. E. Johansen to W. B. Edmiston and W. R. Kuers--subject: Integration Boeing-MSFC Manufacturing plan. December 18, 1962.
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