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  • spc_jaco_001_007.pdf

    The program includes "Marshall Center Highlights" from the Center's first year, a message from director Wernher von Braun, a photograph of the Space Queen and Princesses, and a guide to the Center's buildings.
  • spc_lanc_000048.pdf
  • spc_sieb_001_016.pdf

    The pamphlet uses a cartoon character named "D. B. Noyes" to explain to the public "the nature and effects of the noise which Saturn makes during static firing tests."
  • spc_stnv_000010.pdf

    Drawn by Don Sprague at the Huntsville Engineering section of Boeing.
  • spc_stnv_000005.pdf

    Shown left to right: David Christensen, Melvin Kranzberg, Irving B. Holley, Jr., Rudolf Hermann, and Fred Ordway.
  • spc_stnv_000055.pdf

    This paper presents a discussion of a hybrid simulation used to dynamically verify the Saturn Guidance and Control subsystems. First, the Saturn vehicle is briefly described to provide background information. The Instrument Unit (IU) is considered in more detail to give a proper setting for the Guidance and Flight Control (G and FC) discussion that follows. After a brief description of the actual G and FC System operation, simulation models of the G and FC components are considered in detail. This is followed by a discussion of the model assignment to a particular computer (digital or analog) and justification for making that assignment. Finally, results of the AS-204/LM1 hybrid simulation studies are briefly considered with mention of the actual flight data.
  • spc_stnv_000056.pdf

    Paper given at the AIAA Guidance and Control Conference, August 12-14, 1963, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • spc_stnv_000058.pdf

    The introduction notes, "The Saturn V launch vehicle is being developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's George C. Marshall Space Flight Center for Project Apollo; Saturn I and Saturn IB vehicles are providing the early testing and support for Project Apollo. The nerve center of the Saturn is its guidance and control system. An airborne digital computer provides the link which closes both the guidance and control loops,making verification of the flight computer program of vital importance. During a powered flight this onboard digital computer program can be divided into four major parts:a) guidance, including navigation, b) control, c) vehicle sequencing, and d) computer telemetry."
  • spc_stnv_000062.pdf

    This copy has handwritten notes that change the title to read, "Analog Simulation of Uprated Saturn I Stage Propulsion System Dynamic Characteristics." The abstract notes, "The purpose of this paper is to present the techniques and logic employed in the development of an analog computer model to simulate Saturn IV first stage propulsion system dynamic characteristics. Restraints, problem areas, and major assumptions are included."
  • spc_stnv_000066.pdf

    The report covers June 30, 1967 through June 27, 1968: Contract NAS8-5608, Schedules 1 and 1A, July 27, 1968. Prepared by J. P. Delaloye, Management Reporting and Analysis; Supervised by D. G. Valentine, Management Reporting and Analysis; Approved by R. F. Terry, Program Reports; D. H. Creim, Michoud, Program Planning and Reporting Manager; E. K. Cooper, S-IC Program Executive.
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