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  • spc_stnv_000089.pdf

    This message for the Apollo Program Director contains a report of the Apollo launch vehicles, problem that occurred, and actions required. The photocopy is difficult to read.
  • spc_stnv_000090.pdf

    This message for the Apollo Program Director contains a report of the Apollo launch vehicles, problem that occurred, and actions required. The photocopy is difficult to read.
  • satus-icannuprogepofiscyear1964.pdf

    This report encompasses the progress made by The Boeing Company on the Saturn S-IC Program for the fiscal year 1964 (From July 1, 1963 through July 2, 1964). The main objective of this report is to serve as an historical presentation stressing Boeing accomplishments and present capabilities under Contract NAS8-5608.
  • Satus-ic1965.pdf.pdf

    This Annual Progress Report has been prepared by the Boeing Company to fulfill the requirement under Article XXX, Paragraph A and C, Modification 100 of Contract, NAS8-5608 as amended by NASA letter I-MICH-DB, dated May 19, 1965, B. H. Aldridge to E. S. Olason. Subject: Change of NAS8-5608 to incorporate Quarterly Technical Progress into the Annual Progress Report.
  • spc_stnv_000066.pdf

    The report covers June 30, 1967 through June 27, 1968: Contract NAS8-5608, Schedules 1 and 1A, July 27, 1968. Prepared by J. P. Delaloye, Management Reporting and Analysis; Supervised by D. G. Valentine, Management Reporting and Analysis; Approved by R. F. Terry, Program Reports; D. H. Creim, Michoud, Program Planning and Reporting Manager; E. K. Cooper, S-IC Program Executive.
  • cleandconcon_071107110215.pdf

    The document is a paper describing contamination cleaning methods and advocating for further developments in the field. Tables and figures are included at the end of the paper. The figures include a comparison of Saturn V with Saturn I and Saturn IB and cross-sections of the Saturn C-5, S-IC stage fuel tank assembly and oxidizer tank assembly.
  • ManuplanSatV(1).pdf

    Manufacturing plan for Saturn V Booster stage S-IC
  • ManuplanSatV.pdf

    This procedure provides the necessary information for the fabrication and assembly of the Saturn C-5 booster stage S-IC. The manufacturing methods outlined herein represent techniques that will be utilized both at Michoud and MSFC wherever possible. The concepts and methods outlined are of a preliminary nature consistent with the stage of design at this time. These concepts and methods are subject to change. This Manufacturing Plan will be periodically updated to reflect such changes. The processes and techniques proposed in this Manufacturing Plan are generally within the present state of the art, consistent with reliability requirements for manned space flight and advocated for use with the limited manufacturing facilities of the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Michoud Production Facility.; Includes memorandum dated 15 Jan. 1963 from J. H. Chesteen, Chief, Engineering Planning Section. M-ME-SE.; Includes memorandum from J. H. Chesteen and N. E. Johansen to W. B. Edmiston and W. R. Kuers--subject: Integration Boeing-MSFC Manufacturing plan. December 18, 1962.
  • scan0007rev_080107120626.jpg

    8 x 10 inch black and white diagram of the Saturn booster engines.
  • scan0008rev_080107120732.jpg

    8 x 10 inch black and white diagram of a Saturn fuel-tank assembly cross-section.
  • scan0020rev_080107140240.jpg

    The drawing gives information about the honeycomb and edge rolled construction of a heat-shield plate.
  • StattestsatuV_091007125622.pdf

    Report after second Saturn V flight test.
  • spc_stnv_000148.pdf

    Pages 1 and 2 appear to have been cut out of the document. Page 14 is only half a page. Page 40 is repeated but each page has different information.
  • s-cisimu_062007154114.pdf

    Huntsville, Ala. -- NASA Marshall Space Flight Center engineers and scientists will soon begin using a giant Saturn V booster simulator in making various tests of equipment and facilities here and at Michoud Operations, Mississippi Test Operations and Cape Kennedy.
  • Fabrsatus-icboos_081407122702.pdf

    AIAA Second Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. Discusses the fabrication process of the Saturn S-IC booster.
  • Satannprorep_030408114318.pdf

    The Annual Progress Report from July 1st, 1966 through June 30thm 1967.
  • spc_stnv_000101.pdf

    According to the table of contents, this volume of appendices contain various charts, graphs, and diagrams related to the S-IC stage data, instrument unit data, and vehicle data.
  • devstaforarcguiwelobssysandarevofproconpar_071107140253.pdf

    Letter to David L. Christiensen from W. A. Wall, enclosing requested documents.
  • satus-iboos_062007153454.jpg

    This is page 7 of the Marshall Star : Space Information Digest.
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