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  • web_copy_Transplanted_Rocket_Pioneers.pdf

    The information in this dataset is reproduced from Charles Lundquist's 2014 monograph Transplanted Rocket Pioneers. The information includes biographical and professional information that he compiled to produce the book. Each individual represented in the dataset also has a vertical file in the Lundquist Collection at UAH.

    Transplanted Rocket Pioneers is a recognition of the early members of the von Braun rocket team, many of whom were key players in the successful moon landing. Many historians conclude that the lunar missions of the Apollo Program could not have been possible without the leadership and experience provided by a corps of engineers, scientists and managers transplanted from Europe to the Unites States after World War II. This fact motivated Dr. Lundquist to deposit this work in the Archives of the Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville by assembling a file on each of the individuals who came from Europe to participate in the rocketry activities in Huntsville, or, in a few cases, individuals who had other ties to Huntsville.

    This dataset includes a standard one-page summary sheet for each subject. Although most sheets are relatively complete, some data are still missing.

    The first two lines on each page records fundamental identification information:

    Family name Date of birth Place of birth Given names Date of death Place of death

    The next standard entry is a statement of the extent of the Archives Holdings, either i) A primary collection of documents housed in one or more banker boxes, usually a separate individual collection ii) A secondary collection in a standard archive box, or iii) a file folder. Next, if there is an oral or video history for the individual, this fact is noted. A statement about the highest education levels of the individual follows. The next five entries, in chronological order, record whether the individual participated in activities at five sites:

    1. Raketenflugplatz-Kummersdorf: Individuals engaged in the activities at these sites of early rocket development experiments sponsored first by VfR and subsequently by the German Army.

    2. Peenemünde: Included here are individuals who participated in Peenemünde programs under several auspices, including as Army civilian employees, as members of the German military, as contractor employees on site or visiting as needed, and as university employees collaborating as required.

    3. Fort Bliss: Individuals who were brought to Fort Bliss from 1945 to 1950.

    4. GMDD-ABMA: Individuals who came to Huntsville, Alabama to work for the US Army rocket programs in the decade 1950 to 1960.

    5th MSFC: Individuals who were employed by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in the 1960s.

    Some people had various relationships with UAH and that is so noted. Additionally, a statement of immigration details is noted if pertinent. Finally, a great variety of incidental information is included under Incidental Remarks.

    UAH Special Collections welcomes additions of biographical materials to the vertical file in the Charles Lundquist Collection. Please note that the work is that of Dr. Lundquist and may contain errors or omissions which are solely the product of his work on the project, as noted in the introduction of the work.: " Finally, it is pertinent to note that any document containing large files will surely have some mistakes or omission. Any errors are the responsibility of the author alone." As was the wish of Dr. Lundquist, we will strive to make factual corrections to the online copy when necessary.

  • spc_mraz_001_002.pdf

    The members of the group were all children of German engineers who were brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip. The clippings include photos of the group with their new immigration registration cards.
  • spc_dann_000174.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg go down to vacation in Cape Canaveral, Florida. They are shown visiting the air and space museum (now called the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center), stopping at Mac's Grove fruit stand, and leaving the Tradewinds Club. June 1959.
  • spc_dann_000175.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg enjoy the pool at the Tradewinds Club where they're staying outside of Cape Canaveral, Florida. They're shown swimming, lounging in the sun, and using the diving board. June 1959.
  • spc_dann_000176.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg visit Melbourne beach near Melbourne, Florida. All members of the family are shown playing in the surf as well as hunting for seashells. June 1959.
  • spc_dann_000177.mp4

    First half of film shows Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg enjoying lunch by the pool at the Tradewinds Club outside of Cape Canaveral, Florida. The second half shows Ingeborg and Klaus departing by ship. June 1959.
  • spc_dann_000178.mp4

    Film shows the remainder of the departure of a ship from Pier 88 outside of New York City, New York with Klaus and Ingeborg Dannenberg aboard. The last portion shows the entrance to the St. Augustine chamber of commerce as well as a large cannon donated to the city. Summer 1959.
  • spc_dann_000179.mp4

    Konrad and Klaus Dannenberg go fishing outside of Ocala, Florida. Having successfully caught some fish, they then show someone butchering the fish for them. They then show the place where they're staying: Florida's Silver Springs. The film ends with a shot of the Prince of Peace Memorial. Summer 1959.
  • spc_dann_000180.mp4

    Film opens showing the see through bottom of a boat during a boat tour. Then the film transitions to showing Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg visiting Tommy Bartlett's Deer Farm and petting the deer. Summer 1959.
  • spc_dann_000181.mp4

    Outdoor shots of a snowstorm on Monte Sano outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Of note are the numerous icicles hanging from power lines and tree branches. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000182.mp4

    Survey of damage from snowstorm. Shown is the property in and around the Dannenbergs' house and the roads nearby. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000183.mp4

    A large snowstorm blankets Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Shown are Konrad and Klaus Dannenberg shovelling snow and playing with the cats in the snow. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000184.mp4

    Trip to Frankfurt, West Germany. Shows multiple shots of Frankfurt airport as well as taking off and aerial views of Germany. Final shots show touchdown in New York and the reception area inside of a New York airport. "Ffm" is an abbreviation of Frankfurt am Main. 1960.
  • spc_dann_000185.mp4

    Konrad Dannenberg accompanies Ulla, George, and Johnny Doane on a trip to Panama City, Florida. Shown are the kids playing in an abandoned boxcar, cars parked along the port, and a boat coming into the harbor. Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Panama City, Mexico Bch / Port St. Joe in harbor / Arrival of Fishing Boat, drawbridge - preparations at Harbor for scuba / George [illegible], Johnnie, Michael Tonnes, IMK, Ulla."
  • spc_dann_000186.mp4

    Kerry Dannenberg plays in a courtyard on a tricycle as well as another mobility device. He is accompanied by two other young girls. His mother, Betty Dannenberg, comes out to watch him.
  • spc_dann_000187.mp4

    Kerry Dannenberg dresses up as a cowboy with a toy revolver and runs around a community courtyard. He is later shown eating cake batter from a mixer's beater.
  • spc_dann_000188.mp4

    The Dannenberg and Doane families take part in an Easter egg hunt. Shown are Kerry Dannenberg and Johnny Doane hunting for eggs in the front yard of Konrad Dannenberg's house. Circa 1965-1969.
  • spc_dann_000189.mp4

    A graduation party at the Von Braun Convention Center in downtown Huntsville, Alabama.
  • spc_dann_000193.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg celebrate Christmas. They are shown opening presents around a Christmas tree in Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, " 'Bescherung' Auspacken der Geschenke Klaus, Ulla, George, IMK + Ko also Lucky 2x."
  • spc_dann_000194.mp4

    Snowfall at the Dannenbergs' house at Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama, Winter 1962/63. Shown are shots of the roads outside and the dog playing in the snow.
  • spc_dann_000195.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg celebrating Christmas. Shown is them opening Christmas gifts and card at the house on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1962. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "George & Ulla leaving Kl w/Schnaps bottles / Lucky - Xmas Cards."
  • spc_dann_000196.mp4

    First half is no good. Second half shows the Christmas turkey being taken out of the oven, carved, and served to the Dannenberg family. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1962.
  • spc_dann_000197.mp4

    Klaus Dannenberg departs to join the U.S. Navy. Shown are Ingeborg and Konrad seeing him off before he boards a flight. Summer 1963.
  • spc_dann_000198.mp4

    Klaus Dannenberg returns from sea and meets Konrad and Ingeborg in Atlanta, Georgia. While there, they stay at a Howard Johnson Inn and tour around Atlanta. 1963.
  • spc_dann_000199.mp4

    Christmas gathering at the Dannenbergs' with Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and in-laws. Klaus is shown receiving guests and then talking inside. Winter 1963.
  • spc_dann_000200.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg and the in-laws celebrate Christmas by opening presents in the family room at the Dannenbergs' house in Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "ends w/ IMK Tired in chair." Winter 1963.
  • spc_dann_000201.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg open presents with company over during Christmas at the Dannenbergs' house in Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "Unwrap gifts [illegible] ... Ulla, George, Erna, Alma, Kl, IMK + Ko Under X mas tree." Winter 1963.
  • spc_dann_000202.mp4

    First part of film shows captions for a family from Stuttgart, Germany coming over to visit the Dannenbergs and their trip to Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida. Later half shows Christmas presents and the Dannenbergs' family dog, Lucky. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "Titles: 1st Advent etc 1967 / Trip to Daytona Bch / The [illegible] coming etc / No good: "ON ALMA'S FARM" / "TRIP TO N.Y." / Wrapped / Xmas presents review / Lucky on film (good)." September 1967.
  • spc_dann_000203.mp4

    Film shows exterior of the Dannenberg household on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Shots include Lucky, the family dog, playing outside, Konrad Dannenberg showing the garden, and some of the views from the backyard of the Dannenberg residence. Spring 1967.
  • spc_dann_000204.mp4

    First part of film shows an arrival at an airport that the Dannenbergs pick up (possibly Alma). The second part of the film shows another 3 person family arriving at a house in the country and the young boy (probably Kerry) playing in the yard. 1967.
  • spc_dann_000205.mp4

    Shows the first part of Klaus Dannenberg's graduation from Auburn University. Film shows the in-laws going into the stadium and sitting down, as well as the graduates proceeding into the stadium. 1967.
  • spc_dann_000206.mp4

    Film from Klaus Dannenberg's graduation from Auburn University. Shown are a few clips from the president of the college, Klaus walking up to receive his degree, and Klaus meeting with family and friends afterwards. 1967.
  • spc_dann_000207.mp4

    Klaus Dannenberg leaving the Holiday Inn in Auburn after graduation. Later shows shots of a young woman and her son playing in a kid's pool in a backyard. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Later: a few frames w/ little George + Ulla w/ Klaus and Betty at Auburn Easter 67 / Most shots at the Auburn Holiday Inn / Colors not good - film was too old!" 1967.
  • spc_dann_000208.mp4

    Konrad and Ingeborg Dannenberg attend a party at George's house. There are shots of the adults at the party talking, as well as some of the young children playing in the yard. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "17 June 67 / Party at George's / Xan & Courtney Bush back to the party w/ Mike Kroeger Paul Fischer the Howarth's etc." 1967.
  • spc_dann_000209.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg have a family party. Shown is George unwrapping gifts, possibly at Easter, as well as the Dannenbergs' dog, Lucky. Spring 1967.
  • spc_dann_000210.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg pick up the Ullrichs from the airport and drive them to a motel. They they proceed to have a get-together and talk with them. Includes footage of baby Kerry. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "We meet the Ullrichs at the Kennedy Int'l Airport in New York on 10 Sept 67 / At Alma's Farmhouse in Quakertown on 12 Sept 67 / Little George on Farmhouse lawn - 1x w/ Hanns / very good!" Fall 1967.
  • spc_dann_000211.mp4

    Konrad and Ingeborg Dannenberg visit Alma's farmhouse. Shown are clips of George playing in the grass and others walking around the farm. Fall 1967.
  • spc_dann_000212.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg and little George all return to Alma's farmhouse from their walk. The adults are then shown talking to one another and George is shown playing in the yard. Konrad Dannenberg's notes on the film box read, "End of the 'Walk thru Alma's Farm' - 'Home Coming' / Alma's Art shop / Ulla is mad - all are made except for little George. / At Bob Broegelman's / Georgie on the Basement 'Trap hid.' " Fall 1967.
  • spc_dann_000213.mp4

    The Dannenbergs vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida. The film shows George, Konrad, and an older gentleman playing shuffleboard at the resort where they're staying. The film also features some shots of George playing in the pool and in the ocean. 1967.
  • spc_dann_000214.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Betty, and Ingeborg Dannenberg and little George vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida. The film opens with the family lounging around the pool at their resort, and then shows them walking down to the beach to play on the sand and in the ocean. 1967.
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