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    These letters include information pertaining to the Nickerson case. Almond expresses desire to "get something in motion to subdue the unnecessary and trivial expressions of � General Medaris". The letters also mention various correspondence that was included in the exchange of information. Both men advocate for the "cause" of Colonel Nickerson's actions. Bell was Nickerson's attorney during his trial.
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    In response to Bell's February 13 letter from Edward Almond, Ayers informs Bell that he is attempting to find someone who would write a letter to newspaper publications in agreement with their opinion that Medaris is taking too much credit for his work. Bell responds that he is skeptical Ayers would find anyone as Medaris could make their life a "rather miserable existence".
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    Almond writes in reponse to Bell's February 18 letter regarding Medaris and other information of the Nickerson case.
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    This letter acknowledges the receipt of a letter, an envelope for delivery, two courtesty copies, and a carbon copy of various letters.
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    T. C. King writes to the Secretary of Defense, Neil H. McElroy, regarding the Nickerson case, calling it the "second Billy Mitchell case". He encourages McElroy to restore Nickerson to active duty, return to Redstone Arsenal, promote Nickerson and remove Medaris. The Adjutant General , Herbert Jones, replies that promotions are based on the officers' entire records and Nickerson plead guilty. King's reponse is included. This exchange of letters was forwarded to Robert K. Bell in the interest of the case.
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    Harrison writes of Nickerson's character throughout the letter. He states that if he ever returned to the active list, he would try to obtain "his assignment to my command."
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    Ayers writes to Bell about an article written in The Anniston Star about him and the Nickerson trial and congratulates Bell for getting Nickerson "out as light as he did."
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    Wilson writes to Bell to congratulate him on the Nickerson case and states that he has been "avidly reading the newspaper accounts of the Nickerson trial" but still believes that Bell did a "terrific" job defending Colonel Nickerson.
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    Ayers writes regarding a wire from General Edward Almond to the National Department of the American Legion "calling on Eisenhower to exonerate our good friend Colonel John Nickerson."
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    Almond writes to Ayers stating that he believes Nickerson is still a "valuable man to the U.S. services" and thanks Ayers for his interest in the matter.
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