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    The abstract notes, "This paper describes the Automatic Saturn V Page Test System. The system is used to evaluate microminiature Unit Logic Device (ULD) circuits. A page is an assembly consisting of a magnesium- lithium frame, an input-output connector, test points, and multilateral printed circuit boards that interconnect the IUDs into logic circuits. The test system automatically performs tests for shorted voltages and shorted diodes, static logic function, and pulse function."
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    A summary found following the errata page reads: "This paper presents a second look at the subject of the man-machine relationship in automatic test operations. 'Man, Machine, and Automatic Test Operations' was presented by the writer at Battelle Memorial Institute in November of 1963...It is the purpose of this second look at the man-machine interface to pinpoint those concepts which have proven their worth with time and those concepts which have proven to be weak, and as a result modified with time." This paper was prepared by George F. Meister, Jr.
  • Theroleofsimuinthedeveofanautochecsyst_110507111856.pdf

    For publication in Luftfahrttechnik Raumfahrttechnik. Discusses the uses and advantages to using simulations.
  • Thedeveofacheclangatol_110907113826.pdf

    ATOLL was developed to fulfill the requirements for a common computer language that could be used by the test engineers for launch and factory checkout. "ATOLL" is the abbreviated name for Acceptance, Test, Or Launch Language.
  • survofsatustagtest.pdf

    This survey of the Saturn Stage Test and Checkout Computer Program Development contains a summary description of the systems developed for factory and static test of the stages of the SATURN IB and SATURN V Vehicles. The responsibilities of the MSFC and stage contractor organizations that are involved in test and checkout computer program development are briefly described. The test and checkout hardware and software (computer program) systems are given for each stage and for each site where tests are conducted. The systems and procedures that are used for program production verification, documentation, and change control required for the implementation of planned computer programs are included. Notes are included in the report to indicate what material is missing or incomplete. No attempt has been made to draw any conclusions regarding the automatic test and checkout systems being developed for each stage and the manner in which the efforts are organized, scheduled, and implemented. This document has been based on material provided by stage contractors and by components of MSFC through May 1, 1966. COMPUTER SYSTEMS SECTION. VEHICLE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION BRANCH. VEHICLE SYSTEMS CHECKOUT DIVISION.; SR-QUAL-66-3.
  • techimpllaunautom_072707115336.pdf

    This paper identifies the methods and equipment through which automation is becoming a major factor in testing and launching Saturn IB space vehicles. The merits of a digital guidance computer and its impact in extending automated checkout are stressed; also a logical basis is established for computer and manual test control. Hardware and software elements of the automated system are described, and details pertaining to reliability are emphasized. A concluding appraisal suggests that automation will play an expanding role in future test and launch operations.
  • sigdistautocheck_071807104428.pdf

    This paper deals with several selected aspects of the signal distribution in automatic checkout systems. These are: 1) The use of relay matrices as control elements; 2) The inclusion of self-checking capabilities; 3) Problems of systems integration. These aspects are not unique to automatic checkout systems. However, due to the nature of automatic checkout systems as presently being designed around digital circuitry, they find either fuller or different applications than in other types of systems. Also, while they are on the surface somewhat disconnected in nature, they tend to interrelate during the implementation of an automatic checkout system.
  • Realtimeopersyst_101507115951.pdf

    Presentation aimed to encourage a final check on the Saturn V project before its first launch to ensure safety and success.
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