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Southpaw Postcard Collection

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Southpaw Postcard Collection


Southpaw Postcard Collection


George (Buzz) & Peg Heeschen have allowed us to include their collection of about 500 Huntsville and Madison County postcards, including scenes of buildings, streets, homes, Big Spring, Monte Sano, Marshall Space Flight Center and many others.

Collection Items

  • img_01259.pdf

    Back: The W. H. Green Hall. Oakwood College, Huntsville, Ala., built in 1956 of brick colonial architectural design, contains the Behavioral Science and Religion Department. The book store is housed in the east wing.
  • img_01257.pdf

    Back: Oakwood College. Huntsville, Alabama. G. E. Peters Fine Arts Bdg. (1964)
  • img_01255.pdf

    Front: Oakwood College
    Back: OAKWOOD COLLEGE, Huntsville, Alabama, W. H. Green Memorial Library
  • img_01253.pdf

    Front: Historic Huntsville
    Back: HISTORIC HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, PRESIDENT'S HOUSE, Alabama A & M College in the Fall. Built from the ruins of Green Bottom Inn, one of Huntsville's earliest hostelries, it has a commanding view of the campus. (The Green Bottom Inn was noted for its famous race track, where Andrew Jackson raced his thoroughbred horses).
  • img_01251.pdf

    Back: Oakwood College. Huntsville, Alabama. Moran Hall, Administration Bdg. (1940)
  • img_01249.pdf

    Front: Domestic Science Building, Normal, Ala.
  • img_01247.pdf

    Back: Oakwood College. Huntsville, Alabama. W. H. Green Memorial Library (1953)
  • img_01245.pdf

    Back: The Eva B. Dykes Library, Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama, is named tor the first black woman to qualify for the Doctorate Degree and the first black woman to obtain the degree In English. This building contains reading space, classroom facilities, an audio visual classroom, the Archives and Archiveist office, and the museum, which houses artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to black Seventh-Day Adventlst history.
  • img_01243.pdf

    Back: The East Hall, Oakwood College. Huntsville, Ala., built in 1910, houses the Development and Public Relations Office, the office of the church pastor, the Health Services and the Quin-C Center. This is the oldest building on the Oakwood College Campus.
  • img_01241.pdf

    Back: The W. J. Blake Memorial Center, Oakwood College, Huntsville, Ala., built in 1969, contains offices for the United Student Movement and the Student Development. On the ground level there is a Student Recreation Center. The upper level houses the cafeteria, administrative offices and Student and Faculty lounges.

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