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  • spc_ward_000025_01.mp3

    Short phone call where Bob Ward inquires about Ivo Sparkman's husband, Senator John Sparkman, and his relationship with President Roosevelt. Side 1 to 3:00 mark.
  • spc_ward_000024_01.mp3

    Bob Ward calls Frances G. Moore to ask about stories relating to Wernher von Braun. Main story relates to what some of the engineers did after work. Side 1 through 24:00.
  • spc_ward_000023_01.mp3

    Bob Ward gets lunch with Lee B. James. They discuss stories relating to Wernher von Braun over lunch. Mentioned are von Braun's meeting style, speeches, salesmanship, and how he handled publicity. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_ward_000022_01.mp3

    Phone call between Georg von Tiesenhausen and Bob Ward on working with Wernher von Braun on the V2 rocket. Bad static in first half of tape. Entirety of side 1.
  • spc_ward_000021_01.mp3

    Phone conversation between Bob Ward and Rocky Clarke on Wernher von Braun. Topics covered include von Braun's humor and his relations with other team members. Entirety of side 1.
  • spc_ward_000020_01.mp3

    Frank Williams talks to Bob Ward about Wernher von Braun. Of particular note are stories regarding von Braun's office relationships and his ability to communicate. Both sides of tape, through side 2 is inaudible.
  • spc_ward_000019_01.mp3

    Phone call from Bob Ward to Harry Atkins. Conversation about Wernher von Braun stories and how the space program began in Huntsville. Also discussed is historical revisionism around von Braun and his team. Side 1 of tape up tp 42:30.
  • spc_ward_000018_01.mp3

    Bob Ward calls Chuck Lundquist to talk about and stories he knows relating to Wernher von Braun. Lundquist relates a few tales relating to von Braun's work in the early days of NASA as well as his family and the way he handled meetings. Entirety of side 1.
  • spc_ward_000017_01.mp3

    Phone call from Bob Ward to Ed Barisford regarding any stories involving Wernher von Braun he knew. Barisford related a couple stories about von Braun's flying habits, which was his primary connection to Barisford. Side 1 to 32:00.
  • spc_ward_000016_01.mp3

    Talk between Leland Belew and Bob Ward about Wernher von Braun. Belew relates a couple of stories relation to von Braun's planning ability, his role in Skylab, and his awareness of his illness. Both sides of tape.
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