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  • spc_stnv_000005_01.mp3

    Interview with Dr. von Braun by Dr. Emme. Beginning of side 1 to 19:50.
  • spc_stnv_000006_01.mp3

    Dieter Grau interviewed on failure analysis and management of Saturn program. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000007_01.mp3

    Interview with Davenport (0-23:44 S1) and Shields (23:44 S1 - end S2). Topics covered include the reliability of the F1 engine, Skylab, and electronic manufacturing.
  • spc_stnv_000008_01.mp3

    Interviews with Sawyer (0 - 16:58 S1) and Kudebeh (16:58 S1 - end S2) on weight penalties, schedule/performance bonuses, and project management.
  • spc_stnv_000009_01.mp3

    Side 1 is an interview with Weidner and Neubert on the testing of Saturn and the different design philosophies of various NASA groups.
  • spc_stnv_000010_01.mp3

    Interview on the developments on Thor applied to the Saturn Program, structures, Welding, Machining of Part, and Insulation of the rocket. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000011_01.mp3

    Interview on the fuels involved in the Saturn as well as the transport and management of these fuels. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000012_01.mp3

    Interview on the development of Saturn engine design and control, as well as life at the Mississippi engine test site. Both sides of the tape.
  • spc_stnv_000013_01.mp3

    Interview on the Development of Saturn and the general design and management philospohy of NASA. One side of tape only.
  • spc_stnv_000014_01.mp3

    Interview with German engineer on engine design, propellants, thermodynamics, and design barriers and overcoming them. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000015_01.mp3

    Interview with Rocketdyne engineers on rocket engine design and stability. Both sides of tape.
  • spc_stnv_000016_01.mp3

    Interview on Materials Management, Configuration Management, and Changes in Design. Full side of tape.
  • Binder1_062508100607.pdf

    The document is a list of tools from the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at MSFC. Included in the list are the tool numbers, titles, and stages of development. Prior to the list the document includes a handwritten note from Bill Vardaman. Issue April 1968. Office R-ME-TDP.
  • Binder1_070908082349.pdf
  • Binder1_071408161502.pdf

    The document describes the scheduling, technical, and managerial plans for the Saturn I orbital workshop.
  • Binder1_071708101034.pdf

    The document describes the Apollo modules, launch vehicles, Apollo chronology, Apollo briefs.
  • Binder1_071910091943.pdf

    The document's mission summary states "This documet is perpared jointly by the Marshall Sapce Fligh Center Laboratories S&E-ASTR-S, S&E-AERO-P, and S&E-ASTN-ESD. The document presents a brief and concise description of the AS-506 Apollo Saturn Space Vehicle and the AS-506 mission. Where necessary, for clarification, additional related information has been included. It is not intended that this document completely define the Space Vehicle, its sytems or subsystems in detail. The information presented herein by text and sketches, describe launch preparation, ground support activities, and the space vehicle. This information permits the reader to follow the sequence of events beginning a few hours before liftoff to mission completion."
  • Binder1_071910110656.pdf

    The Preface states "This is a directory of industry, University, and Federal contacts who are involved in the areas of Management Science, Behavioral Science, Operations Research , Cybernetics, and Organizational Structure and Behavior. The listing represents a variety of disciplines -- Sociology, Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychiatry, Anthropology, Statistics, History, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Systems Analysis, Ecology,and General Systems Theory."
  • Binder1_072808085522.pdf

    The document is a press kit for the Apollo 6 news release on Thursday morning, March 28, 1968. The topics of the release include but are not limited to Apollo 4, Apollo 6, Saturn V launch vehicle, spacecraft cameras, launch events, the flight profle, mission summary, and program managment.
  • Binder1_080108093849.pdf

    The Abstract states "The four checkout systems developed and utilized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for acceptance checkout of the Saturn V launch vehicle stages and instrument unit are described. The vehicle's characteristics, test policies, equipment design criteria, and operational factors are reviewed. Following a general description of each checkout system, this paper presents a brief definitive description of each major subsystem test station. These test systems are used for post-manufacturing and post-static firing acceptance checkout. The section related to the S-II stage includes several representative flow diagrams and descriptions of automatic tests. To present in detail the large volume of information describing these four checkout systems would require the writing of four papers."
  • Binder1_080610113218.pdf

    The document is an annotated bibliography of reports from Requested by D. L. Christiensen. 2
  • Binder1_081110135224.pdf

    The document is a Space Task Group report to the president. Pages 8, 18, 26, 27 of the document are missing.
  • Binder3_051208093544.pdf

    The report includes the Systems Test Division; Components and Subsystems Division; Technical Support Division; and the Advanced Facilities Planning Office.
  • Binder4_051208094654.pdf

    The abstract states "A telemetry system is a device to transfer information from an inaccessible to an accessible location. A constant input to a telemetry system yields outputs that are distributed according to some density function. A linear change in this constant input may yield a nonlinear change in output. The theory of statistics and experimental design may be applied to the data received from a flight to evaluate the inflight accuracy, linearity, and precision of various telemetry systems. This paper explains the analytical concepts used in postflight analysis of Instrument Unit telemetry systems. It also presents the method for interpreting the results of these analytical techniques."
  • Boeiandapol_093010135107.pdf

    The phamplet is address to members of the press who are at Cape Kennedy for the Apollo 11 launch. The pamphlet provides information on Boeing's contribution to the Apollo mission.
  • boeing_060608144216.pdf

    The document is a Boeing manual. It contains operating procedures and directives specifically for the Launch Sytems Branch.
  • Boeingapr1964_013108125359.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "Aidr Cargo Jets Ahead", "Saturn Stands Up", "Tunnel of Flame", "Where the Air Is Really Hot", "Spaghetti to the Rescue", "B-52 Bombers Undergo Tests", "sports-Minded Magician", "Skipper Regan", and "Road to the Stars". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingdec1965_080607123254.pdf
  • Boeingaug1966_100107110435.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "From Computer to Picture Tube", "Moon Rocket Service Station", "These Are Possible on the 747", "Earthquake Predictor", "Speeders Everyone Likes", "Minuteman Through the Looking Glass", "Air Pilot, Water Pilot", "Leader of the Band", and "Come Home Safe". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingjan1966_082007095944.pdf

    Article noted in the table of contents : Guidelines for administrators by William Sheil. Pages 6 and 7.
  • boeingdec1964_071007113713.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "Manned Orbital Laboratory", "Big Wheels Carry Big Bird", "Good Turner", "Tokyo Tours", "Purity Surety", "The Ships Had Wings", "Taylored Talent", "Airplane Engineer", and "Synthetic Sunshine". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingfeb1965_071007165252.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "In the Spirit of Magellan", "Engine No. 551", "Try This on for Size", "A Carriage for Big Brother", "Grease the Wheels inSpace", "Orbiting Eye", "Big Enough", "Man Toward Mars", and "Blue-Ribbon Bomber". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingjan1965_013108100246.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "MATS Mappers Will Get Jets", "Hitching Posts for Saturn", "Pods Shell Out Rockets", "One Cigar to Freedom", "Lab-Locked Seahorse", "Flying Gas Station", "Huntsville's Hybrid", "The Horse Who Hated Boeing", and "Soldier Sniffer". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingjan1968_060408163358.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "'A Pleasure to Our Eyes'", "New Paint Job", "Six-year Gasp", "Wings on the Nose", "How is SRAM Doing", "Flying Carpet", "A Citizen's Debt", and "Investment in Bonds". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • boeingjul1965_071807100352.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "Ground Testing a Moon Bird", "By Air to Athens", "Twinjet Twins", "On the Beam", "15,000 Hours Before Overhaul", "Minuteman Modernization", "Miller in Motion", and "Texas Champ". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingjuly1967_040308083144.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "Cut-stone Castles and Opal Fields", "Fast and Loose", "The Barefoot Flyer", "This Is Your Life, Paul Jones", "Boat in a Bottle", "Making the Right Thing Happen", and "The Guard Goes Global". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingjune1966_082307144833.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "The Spout of the Funnel", "Titanium for the SST", "Jobs, Anyone", "Burner II Heads for Growth", "Exact Temperature Control", "Nuclear Shock Tests", Holidays With or Without Haggis", "Gunboat Man", and "Scientific Shakeup". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingmar1967_121707142610.pdf

    The magazine contains the articles "Classics from the Classroom", "The Iron Maiden", "Shake Well Before Using", "Old Yaller is White Again", "Tucumcari", "In the Family Tradition", and "The Flying Cloud". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingmay1965_071107154021.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "Dipole Near the South Pole", "Migration to Huntsville", "Psychology of Stress", "Red Question Mark in Space", "Every Delivery Is Special", "Moon and Money Man", and "Tanks for Saturn". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
  • Boeingnov1964_071007113429.pdf

    The magazine includes the articles "Riddle of the Red Planet", "Flying Professors", "Big Balus Over New Guinea", "Helicopter Swimming Pool", "How to Cool a Hot Spot", "Curves Cured to Order", "Higher Flyer", "Team Worker", and "Harpooned for HiBEX". Also included is a briefing of events in the Boeing Company.
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