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  • spc_dann_000280.mp4

    Film shows Kerry, Klaus, Christie, and Betty Dannenberg ice skating at a public rink in 1976. Location unknown.
  • loc_burw_film_012.mp4

    Home movies that primarily depict a Christmas scene and an extended cruise around the Caribbean.
    Christmas [00:02]
    Royal Caribbean Resort in Labadie, Haiti [05:03]
    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic [08:16]
    Miami [09:44]
  • spc_dann_000269.mp4

    The first half of the film shows Konrad Dannenberg surveying the stands for spectators of Apollo 16 at the launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The second half of the film follows the rocket as it lifts off from the launch pad and ascends out of view. Spring 1972.
  • spc_dann_000255.mp4

    Konrad Dannenberg tours the visitor stand for the launch of Apollo 15. Of paticular note is a scale model the is on display showing a cross-section of the Skylab space station, as well as brief shots of the Saturn V launcher and the Vehicle Assembly Building. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000268.mp4

    Ingeborg and Konrad get ready for the launch of Apollo 16. They are shown boarding a bus from their hotel in Cape Canaveral, Florida which conveys them to the visitor stands to watch the launch. While on the road to the stands, Konrad captures pictures of the vehicle assembly building and the rocket on the launchpad. Spring 1972.
  • sdsp_skyl_000028-000028.pdf
  • loc_burw_film_011.mp4

    Home movies about family life in late 1970s Alabama.
    Children playing with microphone [00:03]
    Young boy showing off Confederate money [00:26]
    Christmas pageant [03:28]
    Birthday party [06:48]
  • spc_dann_000254.mp4

    The Dannenbergs travel down to Daytona Beach, Florida, to see the launch of Apollo 15. The first half shows the resort and Ingeborg sitting by the beach. The second half shows the drive to the launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida and the traffic they find upon arrival. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000267.mp4

    Ingeborg and Konrad Dannenberg visit Disney World outside of Orlando, Florida. The film shows them walking around and looking at the sights along main street and up to the castle. Spring 1972.
  • sdsp_skyl_000011-000012.pdf

    This poster depicts the Kyushu Island of Japan, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, South Island of New Zealand, and Alps Mountains of Europe, as seen from the Skylab Space Station.
  • spc_dann_000284.mp4

    Film shows Klaus, Betty, Kerry, and Christie arriving at Konrad and Ingeborg's house for Easter in Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. After arriving, all parties are seen win the front yard, possibly for an Easter egg hunt. Spring 1977.
  • spc_dann_000291.mp4

    Klaus, Kerry, Betty, and Christie visit Ingeborg and Konrad for Easter on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. They are shown arriving and hunting for Easter eggs shortly afterwards. Spring 1978
  • spc_dann_000246.mp4

    The Dannenbergs and Doanes meet up to celebrate Easter. Shown are the kids (George and Johnny) sleeping in the car. The video then switches to show the family (Betty, Kerry, and Johnny) exchanging gifts. Spring 1970.
  • spc_dann_000247.mp4

    Film showing the inside of the Dannenbergs' house on 5130 Panorama Drive, Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. The clips show Ingeborg and Klaus Dannenberg plus Johnny walking around outside the house as well as relaxing in the family room. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Inside (5130 Panorama) shots (very dark) / Johnny looking for Easter Eggs - also G. jr / Film is NOT TOO GOOD." Spring 1970.
  • spc_dann_000264.mp4

    Konrad, Ingeborg, and Ingeborg Dannenberg travel to visit Betty, Klaus, and Kerry Dannenberg for Easter. The majority of the film focuses on Kerry hunting for Easter eggs in the front lawn of their Dallas, Texas home while Klaus and Betty look on. Spring, 1972
  • spc_dann_000265.mp4

    Film shows an Easter egg hunt at Klaus and Betty Dannenberg's house in Dallas, Texas. Klaus and Betty are shown hiding the eggs and Kerry Dannenberg and a friend of his are shown hunting the eggs. Spring 1972.
  • spc_dann_000285.mp4

    The Doanes (Ulla, George, Johnny) join the Dannenbergs (Konrad, Ingeborg, Klaus, Betty, Kerry, and Christie) at Konrad and Ingeborg's house in Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Once they arrive, the kids of the group are shown hunting for Easter eggs in the front yard while the adults help and talk on the doorstep. Spring 1977.
  • spc_dann_000286.mp4

    The Doanes (Ulla, George, Johnny) join the Dannenbergs (Konrad, Ingeborg, Klaus, Betty, Kerry, and Christie) at Konrad ant Ingeborg's house in Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. After briefly showing the Easter decorations inside the house, the film shows Kerry, Christie, and Johnny looking for Easter eggs in the front yard. Spring 1977.
  • loc_burw_film_004.mp4

    Scenes of grandparents playing, feeding, and interacting with infants. The infants briefly played together.
    Grandparents [00:01, 01:00, 01:35, 15:20]
    Feeding [05:57, 07:47]
    Children playing [11:00, 13:43, 14:33, 14:46]
    Stroller/high chair [02:50, 06:42, 08:26]
  • loc_burw_film_013.mp4

    Several home movies of a young boy playing with a microphone followed by family footage of a trip to Disney World.
    Play [00:03, 00:45]
    Disney World trip [01:40]
    Aerial gondolas [04:46, 06:13]
    Boats and boating [05:01, 05:30, 07:47, 09:46, 12:15]
    Monorail [05:17]
    Puppet show [07:59]
  • loc_burw_film_001.mp4

    "Film of parents and grandparents caring for and playing with an infant Eddie Burwell. Footage includes the family dog, relatives, and interior and exterior shots of the house.
    Dog [00:15, 04:43, 05:20, 07:12]
    Relatives [03:10, 05:12, 11:06, 11:47, 12:01]
    Exterior of house [05:20]
  • loc_burw_film_005.mp4

    Home movie clips detailing a visit from relatives, a toddler’s attempt at household chores and playing grown-up, and additional footage from the family vacation to Grizzly Gorge.
    Baby attempting grown-up things [00:06, 05:49, 13:25, 14:05, 14:30]
    Grandparents [00:38, 00:50, 00:57, 11:01, 11:35, 11:43, 11:52]
    Dog [05:20, 05:34, 14:21, 14:38]
    Baby playing on floor [07:19, 10:01, 10:55]
    Vacation/family events [14:46, 18:35]
  • sdsp_skyl_000059_001.pdf

    This report describes the experiments onboard Skylab, what the data the experiments gather indicates, and the equipment that the experiments utilize. This includes the spider experiment.
  • loc_robf_000309_web.jpg

    Speakers included James Record, Frances Roberts, and Huntsville Mayor Joe Davis, with an invocation by Rev. Donald L. Bailey and a benediction by Rev. Lee Hudson. The program includes a map of Constitution Hall Park.
  • sdsp_skyl_000013-000014.pdf
  • sdsp_skyl_000067_001.pdf

    This is a report about the Skylab 1 reentry.
  • sdsp_skyl_000017-000018.pdf
  • loc_burw_film_010.mp4

    Footage of a family trip to Georgia. Included is early footage of Zoo Atlanta, the Little White House in Warm Springs, and the Callaway Gardens.
    Callaway Gardens [10:10]
    Little White House at Warm Springs [08:35]
    Zoo Atlanta [00:06]
  • sdsp_skyl_000026-000027.pdf
  • spc_mcca_001_002.pdf

    "A spectacular view from Monte Sano State Park near Huntsville, Alabama. Color by Wayne Floyd."
  • sdsp_skyl_000062.pdf

    This is a hardware evaluation and assessment of the skylab habitat systems based on the feedback from the Skylab crews.
  • sdsp_skyl_000066_001.pdf
  • sdsp_skyl_000060_001.pdf

    This biographical portfolio booklet describes the role that industrial designer Raymond Loewy's designs played in the Skylab program.
  • spc_kube_000002.pdf

    This guide to Redstone Arsenal contains a history of the Arsenal, complete with pictures of "Army Missiles of the Past" and details about the Army Commands stationed there, as well as descriptions of the amenities, facilities, and social opportunities available on base and in the Huntsville area.
  • spc_nick_000603_000608.pdf

    A conversation between Lieutenant General Austin W. Betts, Colonel Henk, and Colonel Wahle, published as a part fo the US Army Military History Research Collection. This conversation details the "Army versus the Air Force difficulties in the late '50's" during the transfer of the missile and space program. This program switch was the basis of the case United States v. Colonel John C. Nickerson, Jr. as Nickerson was in charge of the program. This document contain only the portion relative to Colonel Nickerson.
  • loc_burw_film_018.mp4

    Film clips of family vacations. Notable events include a trip to Chattanooga and Mazatlan, Mexico.
    Christmas [00:03, 13:25]
    Chattanooga Choo-Choo [01:49]
    Play [13:09, 18:29]
    Train [01:53]
    Stone Mountain [07:45]
    Mazatlan [17:59]
  • sdsp_skyl_000052_001.pdf

    This brochure describes the duties and responsibilities of the Skylab 3 crew, including experiments and repairs.
  • sdsp_skyl_000063.pdf

    This is a series of interviews with the crew of Skylab 4. The interviews focus on the onboard systems and equipment.
  • sdsp_skyl_000072_001.pdf

    This is a workbook for science teachers to create lesson plans around.
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