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  • spc_schu_276_337.pdf

    Written by William A. Schulze, this day book includes notes from his activities at Army Proving Ground at Aberdeen, Maryland in early 1946. Schulze was transported from Germany to Aberdeen in late 1945 as part of the first group of German engineers sent to the United States. During the week of March 17-23, Schulze records his travel from Aberdeen to El Paso, Texas, leaving on Monday, March 18, and arriving in Texas on Thursday, March 21. The day book includes entries on shopping, leisure activities, birthdays, and mail. Schulze's notes reference H. N. Toftoy, Konrad Dannenberg, Wilhelm Jungert, Hannes Luehrsen, Theo Poppel, Erich Neubert, Walter Schwidetski, and others.
  • spc_schu_550_551.pdf

    This document identifies the first group of German engineers to be brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. Seven of the men listed were eventually transported to the U. S. Army post at Fort Bliss, Texas: Wernher von Braun, Wilhelm Jungert, Erich Neubert, Theo Poppel, Eberhard Rees, August Schulze, and Walter Schwidetski. The men were transported from Germany by air and then by train once in the United States.
  • spc_schu_662_676.pdf

    This booklet, "Sammelbuch der Bescheinigung über die Endzahlen aus der Aufrechnung der Versicherungskarten für August Schulze," documents Schulze's government health insurance while he was employed in Germany from 1930 through 1944. Each page serves as an insurance card for each year of employment. Page seven marks Schulze's first insurance record as an employee at Peenemünde.
  • spc_schu_1879_1880.pdf

    The back of the photograph is stamped "Geheime Kommandosache" ("Secret Military Document").
  • spc_schu_0001881.pdf
  • spc_schu_1882_1883.pdf

    The back of the photograph is stamped "Geheime Kommandosache" ("Secret Military Document").
  • spc_schu_2024_2025.pdf

    The V-2 rocket was also called the A-4, or Aggregat 4, its technical name. The back of the diagram is stamped "Geheime Kommandosache" ("Secret Military Document").
  • spc_mraz_003_011.pdf

    This newsletter was produced by the crew of the USAT General C.C. Ballou and includes information about services onboard, ship terminology, and news bulletins. The family of William A. Mrazek, an engineer who was already in the United States at Fort Bliss, Texas, immigrated from Germany to the United States on the Ballou. The newsletter was produced in both English and German.
  • spc_mraz_012_014.pdf

    This German identity card, or Personalausweis, was issued to Berta Mrazek at Nestomitz, Germany (now Neštěmice, Czech Republic) in 1941. The card includes a photograph of Mrazek and her daughter Ursula.
  • spc_mraz_0000015.pdf

    From left to right, the photograph shows Oscar Holderer, Mayerhöfer, Gerhard W. Kraus, Nimz, William A. Mrazek, and Kurt Patt.
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