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  • loc_robf_000001_web.pdf

    Roberts received a Bachelor of Science from Alabama State Teachers College in 1937. The college is known today as the University of West Alabama.
  • loc_robf_131_154_webA.pdf

    This celebration was held on the park's opening day. Events included a parade, an address given by Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives William B. Bankhead, a history pageant, and a "Queen's Ball" that evening at the Russel Erskine Hotel. The program includes a description of the cabins, the "Legend of Monte Sano," a history of Huntsville, and a program for the history pageant, titled "The Parade of Progress."
  • loc_isco_0000001.pdf

    From the business records of I. Schiffman and Company. The certificate was issued to I. Schiffman & Co. on March 19, 1930.
  • loc_isco_002_003.pdf

    From the business records of I. Schiffman and Company. In the first letter, Lawrence B. Goldsmith of I. Schiffman and Co. inquires about selling cotton through the Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association. In his reply, Northington asserts that "we will be glad to handle any cotton for you that was grown on your farm and make the government advance up to 15.64� Middling basis."
  • loc_isco_004_010.pdf

    From the business records of I. Schiffman and Company. The application for membership was completed by Lawrence B. Goldsmith, a member of the I. Schiffman & Co. firm. The front of the pamphlet notes that this copy is a duplicate.
  • loc_isco_011_027.pdf

    From the business records of I. Schiffman and Company. The letters contain lists of farmers whose cotton I. Schiffman & Co. is marketing through the Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association. The materials include notes from each farmer instructing the Association to hold their cotton in the "regular annual pool [...] subject to lien on same held by I. Schiffman & Company." Each letter indicates the value of the cotton.
  • loc_isco_036_041.pdf

    From the business records of I. Schiffman and Company. The materials include letters and instructions for handling and delivering the 1930-31 cotton crop to the Alabama Farm Bureau Cotton Association. The instructions describe the different pools available for marketing cotton and lists warehouses throughout Alabama to be used for storing cotton. The last item, a letter from N. S. Stewart, discusses low cotton prices since 1926 and lists advantages of marketing cotton through the Association.
  • spc_schu_662_676.pdf

    This booklet, "Sammelbuch der Bescheinigung über die Endzahlen aus der Aufrechnung der Versicherungskarten für August Schulze," documents Schulze's government health insurance while he was employed in Germany from 1930 through 1944. Each page serves as an insurance card for each year of employment. Page seven marks Schulze's first insurance record as an employee at Peenemünde.
  • spc_mraz_072_093.pdf

    This booklet, a Meldungsbuch, is a record of Mrazek's enrollment at Deutsche Technische Hochschule Brünn (German Technical University in Brünn, Czechoslovakia, now Brno, Czech Republic), where he received an MS in Engineering in 1934. The booklet identifies his courses and professors and includes a photograph of Mrazek.
  • monte_sano_1938_web.pdf

    The map notes park roads, buildings, telephone lines, trails, overlooks, and cliffs, and includes drawings of picnic and camping areas, a pool, and a lodge. Locations such as Inspiration Point, the former site of the Monte Sano Hotel, Natural Well, O'Shaughnessy Point, the fire tower, and the C.C.C. camp are marked. The map was taken from "aerial photographs as drawn by O.G. Graves" based on a land survey conducted by John F. Davis.
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