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  • Q162B6T4_001_063a.pdf

    This set of illustrated cards includes thirty color prints of various animals of the prehistoric world. The Theodor Reichardt Cocoa Company produced five different series of these cards in the early twentieth century. While the cover indicates that this volume contains cards from series 1a, it also includes cards from series 1 and series 2a. Many of the pages show notes made in ink by science writer Willy Ley, the book's original owner.
  • loc_bets_001_129.pdf

    Betsinger served in the U.S. Army during World War I. Born on March 5, 1900, he was from Chicago, Illinois and enlisted as a private in the 12th Field Artillery in 1917. He embarked for France from Hoboken, New Jersey in early January 1918. The diary appears to include letters to his family and is missing many pages. The entries include opinions about the war, observations of fellow soldiers, and experiences in combat, including discussion of heavy shelling and mustard gas during the Battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. Many of the descriptions are graphic in nature. Betsinger survived the war and later moved to Monte Vista, Colorado, where he operated the Triangle Tourist Camp in the 1940s. His wife, Elda Aden Betsinger, was a public school teacher. He died in San Diego, California in January 1980.
  • loc_robf_000303_000304.pdf

    The back of this real photo postcard reads, "Virginia Clay Clopton, age 90."
  • loc_hutc_000001_000002.pdf

    On back: "Anna Barclay Newman, 1845-1931 / Milton H Lanier / " " " Jr. / Annie Troy Lanier } Their father, seated / Robert Troy } with Margaret Troy Lanier
  • loc_hutc_000005_000005.pdf

    This photograph was found in a blank envelope with "Mrs. W. W. Newman 427 Locust St. Huntsville Ala." printed on the flap.
  • loc_hutc_000006_000006.pdf

    This photograph of the White family was taken in a garden. Marked "For [?] Ellen" on back.
  • loc_hutc_000009_000009.pdf

    Photo subjects, from left to right: Lawson Withers White, James Bradley White, Lawson Wallace Law White. Marked "For [?] Ellen" on back.
  • loc_hutc_000011_000011.pdf
  • loc_hutc_000027_000028.pdf

    Photo subjects, from left to right: Lawson Withers White, James Bradley White, Lawson Wallace Law White
  • loc_hutc_000031_000031.pdf

    On back: "James Bradley White (1845-1915) with his son Lawson & grandson Lawson W. L. White." Marked "For Ellen."
  • loc_hutc_000036_000036.pdf

    Notes on back indicate that Bessie was the daughter of James Robert Barclay Sr. and Elizabeth Ingram. "Marjorie Lee Fuqua b. Mar. 1, 1910 / picture c. 1912". Also notes "Highway 72 Blue Water Creek"
  • loc_hutc_000156_000156.pdf

    This letter states that Baxter Brothers will furnish the material and labor for the construction of the Hutchens' building for $23,000.00.
  • loc_hutc_000187_000190.pdf

    This letter details a compromise regarding the railroad and buildings on the ground deeded to the railroad. The author states that this will not affect Benedict's purchase price. It also includes information regarding the Coxe Estate. The memo included from the Report of Railroad Officials further details the available lots and those that belong to the railroad and the Coxe Estate.
  • loc_hutc_000225_000226.pdf

    Will writes to Ellen about his trip to Canada. He includes various activities and details of the weather.
  • loc_gold_000154_000158.pdf

    These documents detail a lawsuit brought against Tom Toney by Mitchell & Mitchell Automobile Repairing. The first IOU details Tom Toney's debt to I. Schiffman & Co. for a Dodge car for $60. Following the check is a bill for repairs on the Dodge totalling $28.25. Tom Toney's car was seized upon discovery it was being used to "convey spiritous or vinous liquor contrary to law", resulting in a lawsuit brought by the State of Alabama. The statement is Mitchell & Mitchell claiming that Toney never paid his auto repair bill for the lawsuit. The back of the final letter has a handwritten note that reads: "No. 683 State vs. Toney. Claim of Mitchell & Mitchell. Filed June 11/19 F. S. Cabaniss Reg."
  • loc_gold_000270_000270_000279_000279.pdf

    Letter from H. B. Smith to Oscar Goldsmith to inform him of the death of Ida B. Dallas and Smith's appointment as her sole executor. Smith discusses the next steps of dividing her stocks in the Huntsville Land Company, which is owned by Goldsmith, among her five children. Smith also asks for guidance regarding the sale of her lot at Monte Sano. Oscar Goldsmith's response to Smith's letter is the second document. In it he directs Smith to Lawrence Goldsmith who is authorized to issue the stock and recommends a couple real estate men in Huntsville that would be able to take care of the sale of Dallas's Monte Sano lot.
  • loc_gold_000271_000272.pdf

    Correspondence regarding Ida B. Dallas's missing dividend check on her stocks for Huntsville Land Improvement Co. Goldsmith responds, informing her that no dividends were paid October 1, 1912 due to repairs and painting of the property of the Company, therefore the expenses do not allow for a surplus for dividends.
  • loc_gold_000273_000274.pdf

    A request calling for a general Stock Holders Meeting of the Huntsville Land Company issued by Oscar Goldsmith. The second document contains signatures of Oscar Goldsmith and Solomon Plant with a handwritten note that reads: "Please sign this and have Mr. Plant sign".
  • loc_gold_000275_000275.pdf

    A bill for six rolls of roofing for $9.30 to Oscar Goldsmith with the Huntville Land Co.
  • loc_gold_000276_000276.pdf

    H. B. Smith requesting Oscar Goldsmith to pay the taxes due by Mrs. Trevani B. Dallas on her lot at Monte Sano again as he did the previous year. Smith offers if Goldsmith does this, he will refund the amount paid.
  • loc_gold_000277_000278.pdf

    In this letter, H. B. Smith responds to a previous letter from Goldsmith regarding the sell of a lot of land in 1916, two years previous. He also details an offer for the stock he currently holds in the Huntsville Land Company that he will be refusing. The second letter is from Oscar Goldsmith to S. M. Milliken regarding the shares that Mr. Smith wrote about and them receiving multiple bids on the stock. He informs Milliken that Mr. Rison will be taking part in it as well.
  • loc_gold_000283_000287.pdf

    A check from Oscar Goldsmith for $259.51 to W. R. Rison Banking Company, signed on the back by R. E. Sessions. The second check is blank on the front with a handwritten note on the back for the following day. The writing is difficult to read but notes something about one dollar for or from Oscar Goldsmith, also signed by R. E. Sessions.
  • loc_gold_000300_000300.pdf

    This handwritten note provides information on the death and burial place of Henry Goldsmith, Oscar's older brother, who was born in 1840. The note reads: "Henry Goldsmith - was a member of Co D - 4 [sic] Infantry - died in Huntsville Ala. Jany 6/17, was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery Marker No. 295 was placed on his grave - He was a member of Egbert J. Jones Camp.
  • loc_gold_000304_000305.pdf

    This personal letter to Oscar Goldsmith from his cousin, Mo, mentions the health of Mo and his hopes to be better soon. He writes that he has requested a meeting for the case of the Huntsville Land Co. with Mr. Plant. Mo closes be informing Oscar that Addie (his wife) is not well.
  • loc_gold_000308_000317.pdf

    These letters detail a chronological correspondence between Oscar Goldsmith and John A. Chapman, his agent, regarding negotiations to purchase property on Meridianville Pike from W. H. Halsey. The letters between Chapman and Goldsmith discuss reasonable price offers and "fancy" price Halsey wants for the property. In the end, Halsey writes a letter detailing the final transaction and cost.
  • loc_gold_000318_000321.pdf

    This book details the financial account of Domestic Science Fund, owned by Oscar Goldsmith.
  • loc_gold_000337_000337.pdf

    Oscar Goldsmith informs Harry that he is sending a silver cup for the new baby in Helen's family and, because he does not have their address, is requesting that Harry deliver it for him.
  • loc_gold_000339_000339.pdf

    R. E. Smith, as city attorney, writes to inform Oscar Goldsmith of an unpaid balance for improvements on Jefferson Street. He requests Goldsmith to call the office of the Clerk of the City of Huntsville to settle the claim.
  • loc_gold_000346_000346.pdf

    Company secretary, Harry A. Newman, writes to the stockholders informing them of a special meeting where stockholders will be asked to authorize changes in per value to the capital stock.
  • loc_gold_000347_000352.pdf

    In this letter, Edgar Weil gives Goldsmith information regarding the sale of his mother's stocks in the Chelten Hills Cemetery Company, as Goldsmith is unable to attend and will need a proxy, and the reasoning behind the call to change the per value of the stock. Weil states that the Company does not earn any return for their stocks and so he is selling the stocks for a low price per share due to the fact that "nobody will ever get a cent for these holdings." The second document is a letter from Oscar requesting a proxy for the meeting, and Harry's response to be Oscar's proxy. The final documents are signed and blank contracts appointing attorneys to vote for the decrease in per value of the capital stocks at the stockholders meeter.
  • loc_gold_000354_000354.pdf

    This document contains a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with the "unlawful detainer suit" filed by Lawrence Goldsmith against H. Oliver.
  • loc_gold_000355_000355.pdf

    This letter requests that Oscar Goldsmith, president of the Huntsville Land Company, sends copies of the company's earning statements so K. Ward-Smith can obtain a bid on shares of stock for sale.
  • loc_gold_000356_000357.pdf

    Detailed condensed financial statement for Pacolet Manufacturing Company located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
  • loc_gold_000374_000374.pdf

    S. D. Brewster writes to Oscar Goldsmith in response to a previous letter in which Goldsmith sent earning statements for the Dallas Mnfg. Co. He details how the profit was lower than he had hoped and wish the treasurer, Mr. Rison, who had been sick and just returned from Minnesota, well.
  • loc_gold_000375_000382.pdf

    A collection of letters from G. H. Milliken to Oscar Goldsmith regarding various business related topics including stockholders and directors meetings, certificates for shares of Pacolet stock for Judge Walker, the confirmation that Judge Walker's check was received and the stock certificate was mailed, and potential buyers of Huntsville Land Co's. Dallas stock.
  • loc_gold_000383_000383.pdf

    Addressed to "Madam", this letter details a clearance sale on all boys' clothing as it is needing to be cleared out to make room for other merchandise.
  • loc_gold_000384_000384.pdf

    A letter from Oscar Goldsmith to K. Ward-Smith regarding capital stock of the Dallas Mfg. Co.
  • loc_gold_000385_000395.pdf

    The letters detail information about Dallas Manufacturing Co. stocks being sold. This set of documents also includes a check for the forty shares.
  • loc_gold_000396_000396.pdf

    This letter includes responses to Rison's wire and the return wire. It also includes information on cotton buyers and local weather conditions. The sender did not sign the letter, but it is most likely Oscar Goldsmith.
  • loc_gold_000397_000398.pdf

    Newson writes to Milliken about a party who wants to purchase Dallas Mfg. Co. stock though the dividends are low. The second letter details the purchase price the party is willing to pay and if Milliken knows anyone with 100 to 300 shares for sale.
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