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  • monte_sano_1909_web.pdf

    Drawn for James F. O'Shaughnessy, the map shows the Monte Sano Hotel, the community of Viduta, Laura's View and Laura's View Station, and natural features of the mountain, such as Chalybeate Spring and Natural Well. The map also features names of property owners O'Shaughnessy, J. R. Stevens, Mrs. M. W. Wells, Milton Humes, and W. J. Pulley.
  • daily_accounts_book2_396_Q-Ware.Jpeg

    This is an image of page 400 in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. On this page, almost every customer purchased 1#35 Assortment & Ware, a Queensware product. Prior to March 1900, the Harrison Brothers only sold tobacco products. The transactions on this page correspond to customer account pages in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger, 1897-1904.
  • loc_robf_tribune_19001129.pdf

    Published on Thanksgiving Day 1900, this issue of the Tribune includes stories, songs, and poetry; lists of dead Confederate soldiers from Huntsville and Madison Count; and coverage of the erection of the Confederate monument in downtown Huntsville. Much discussion is made as well of the "Lost Cause," a mythology that perpetuates the belief that the cause of the Confederate States was noble and just and denies that slavery played the central role in secession. Includes columns written by Virginia Clay-Clopton and John Tyler Morgan.
  • Q162B6T4_001_063a.pdf

    This set of illustrated cards includes thirty color prints of various animals of the prehistoric world. The Theodor Reichardt Cocoa Company produced five different series of these cards in the early twentieth century. While the cover indicates that this volume contains cards from series 1a, it also includes cards from series 1 and series 2a. Many of the pages show notes made in ink by science writer Willy Ley, the book's original owner.
  • loc_hbhc_A.M_Booth_Contractor.jpg

    This is an image of an A.M. Booth accounting page with dates from August 3rd to September 6th of unknown years. The text at the top of the page states "Bought of A.M. Booth Contractor and Builder. Dealer in All Kinds of Building Material." Items, most likely for the reconstruction of Harrison Brothers in 1902, are listed on the page along with prices and payments.
  • loc_hutc_000136_000138.pdf

    This document states that William Thomas Hutchens paid Andrew J. Murdock $4,702.22 for Murdock's half interest in the pluming and heating business. Attached is the insurance agreement of the property of Hutchens & Murdock and the payment agreement for the insurance.
  • daily_accounts_book2_632_Ada Reynolds_MVTaylor.Jpeg

    This is an image of page 644 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. This page lists several transactions of customers without customer accounts, two of which, Ada Reynolds and M.V. Taylor are recurring customers and employees of local cotton mills. Customers on this page bought various Queensware products and paid by cash and by note. Many of the customers on this page are women.
  • Goldsmith_Schiffman_Lawrence_Village_Ad.jpg

    This is a copy of a Huntsville newspaper advertisement for Lawrence Village. This advertisement detailed where Lawrence Village was and promoted the rapidly expanding community built by Huntsville Land Co. The text at the end of the advertisement states "For further information concerning Lawrence, apply to Oscar Goldsmith, Pres. Huntsville Land Co." Lawrence was the name of Oscar Goldsmith's son.

    Business, Tours and Industry
  • loc_hbhc_American_Triple-Coated_Enameled_Ware.pdf

    This is an image of a Harrison Brothers advertisement for a "100-Piece Assortment of American Triple-Coated Enameled Ware". The advertisement also states "Quality Highest Standard" and features images of several enameled ware products such as pans, dippers, coffee pots, and tea pots. Each of the items included in the 100-piece assortment is listed and priced below the image. The description at the bottom of the page lists the freight charge for the purchase and describes the high quality of the "American Ware".
  • loc_hbhc_Ancor_Oak_Stove.pdf

    These images are from Anchor Stove and Range Company catalog and price list volume no. 39, August 1904. The item pictured on the first page is The Oak Anchor stove and price descriptions and product details are written in the text below the image and the second page.
  • img_00331.pdf

    Front: The Big Spring, Huntsville, Ala.
  • r01a02-04.pdf

    A collection of bills, receipts, and other materials related to the Cabaniss household. There are a large amount of receipts for shoes stretching from 1870 to the 1900s.
  • daily_accounts_book3_439_BlackOakStove.pdf

    This image of a Hampton + Wade transaction from December 5, 1903, is cropped from page 443 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 3, 1901-1903. In this transaction, Hampton + Wade purchased a Black Oak Stove for $8.50. The Harrison Brothers began selling hardware products, such as stoves, in 1903.
  • img_00283.pdf

    Front: Big Spring: Capacity Twenty-Five Million Gallons Daily.
  • img_00663.pdf

    Front: Carding Room, Merrimack Mills, Huntsville, Ala.
    Back: Carding Room, Merrimack Mills, Huntsville, Ala.
  • loc_hutc_000206_000217.pdf

    Most likely William Wyeth Newman, these various checks are signed by W. W. Newman from the W. R. Rison Banking Company to various recipients.
  • loc_hutc_000167_000175.pdf

    Dr. Wyeth writes to a "friend" about working, asks about Sam Russell and requests that the enclosed letter is given to him. He also asks for any information about Meck Robinson. The recipient, possibly W. P. Newman, responds that he gave the letter to Russell. He discusses their friendship and thanks Wyeth for the "Expressions of friendly, sweet, and tender miracles" for his family. He also discusses working and life struggles, calling the world "cold." The author shares various verses and personal information through his lengthy letter. The seventh and final page is missing the bottom part. The back of the final page includes a drawing, presumably by a child, and a handwritten note.
  • loc_gold_000358_000361.pdf

    The first letter notes that they are "drawing on [Goldsmith]" for $2,250.00 for 25 shares as they could only get 25 shares according to the handwritten note at the botton. Plater also asks if Goldsmith is in the market for more stock. The second and third letter details fifty available shares of Dallas Mnfg. Co. stock at $87.50 per share and confirms Goldsmith's purchase of said shares.
  • img_00187.pdf

    Front: Street Scene, Huntsville, Ala.
  • img_00099.pdf

    Front: Court House and Confederate Monument, Huntsville, Ala.
  • img_00105.pdf

    Front: Huntsville, Ala. Court House.
  • img_00681.pdf

    Front: Dallas Cotton Mills, Huntsville, Ala.
    Back: Dallas Cotton Mills, Huntsville, Ala.
  • loc_dall_ledger_000069.pdf

    This minute book documents the activities of the Board of Directors of the Dallas Manufacturing Company in Huntsville, Alabama. The book includes meeting minutes, company correspondence, list of contracts with suppliers, information about company stock and production, lists of subscribers, and statements of profits and operating expenses.

    Notably, the minute book also includes a February 1893 letter from Oscar Goldsmith noting that "The Huntsville Land Company have built 50 double Houses for the Employees of Dallas M'f'g. Company. And as per request of Mr. Dallas will build 25 more houses for the same purpose." Goldsmith's letter is accompanied by a plat map that indicates the location of the houses. Streets shown include Pettigrew Avenue, Mellette Avenue, Halsey Avenue, Rison Avenue, Stevens Avenue, Humes Avenue, O'Shaughnessy Avenue, McCullough Avenue, Dallas Avenue, and cross streets.
  • daily_accounts_book2_408_DallasMills.Jpeg

    This is an image of page 414 in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer accounts ledger 1, 1897-1904. One customer was noted as being from Dallas Mills Ala. and each of the following transactions are assigned the same customer account number as this Dallas Mills Ala. customer's account. This page is not in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Each of the customers that were assigned account number 115 bought Queensware items and paid by note. Customers on this page include: Peter Lumbardo, J.F. Weeks, Youngblood, S.L. Hall, T.L. Wilson, D.W. Smith, Ella Price, Ada Reynolds, Mrs. M.V. Taylor, W.E. Foxx, and Wooly + Jordan.

    Business, Tours and Industry - Folder 4 is oversized, see separation sheet.

    This section contains a handful of reports related to photographs (not present), describing their size, significance and additional descriptive details.

    This section contains documents and maps related to a historical survey.
  • loc_gold_000423_000423.pdf

    This documents details the sale of property of Lewis Douglass to I. Schiffman and Co. and the accompaning prices. The sold property includes horses, mules, and donkeys.
  • img_00413.pdf

    Front: Elks' Opera House, Huntsville, Ala. M. R. Murray
  • img_00545.pdf

    Front: First Methodist Church, Huntsville, Ala.
    Back: First Methodist Church, Huntsville, Ala.
  • img_00241.pdf

    Front: First National Bank, Huntsville, Ala.
  • loc_hbhc_ledger1_000223 (86)_GoldsmithCo.pdf

    This is a Goldsmith + Co. customer account page on page 24 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Transactions and payments on this ledger page correspond to Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902, and date from March 26, 1898, to August 7, 1901.
  • daily_accounts_book2_577_GoldsmithCo.pdf

    This image of a Goldsmith + Co. transaction from March 7, 1901, is cropped from page 585 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902. The transaction on this page corresponds to page 24 in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. In this transaction, Goldsmith + Co. purchased various Queensware, metalware, and cutlery items. Goldsmith + Co. was a grocery company in Huntsville, Alabama, and was a frequent customer at Harrison Brothers.
  • img_00509.pdf

    Front: Government Bldg., Huntsville, Ala.
  • loc_hbhc_ledger1_000223 (90)_HBrandon.pdf

    This is H. Brandon's customer account page on page 28 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Transactions and payments on this ledger page correspond to Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902, and date from January 31, 1898, to February 25, 1901. Henderson Brandon was a Black business owner in Huntsville, Alabama, but "Col." is not written beside his name.
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