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  • daily_accounts_book3_439_BlackOakStove.pdf

    This image of a Hampton + Wade transaction from December 5, 1903, is cropped from page 443 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 3, 1901-1903. In this transaction, Hampton + Wade purchased a Black Oak Stove for $8.50. The Harrison Brothers began selling hardware products, such as stoves, in 1903.
  • daily_accounts_book3_440_no36Asst_no8Lamp.Jpeg

    This image of a C.C. Smith transaction from December 8, 1903, is cropped from page 444 in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 3, 1901-1903. C.C. Smith was from Eva Alabama, as noted at the top of the transaction. In this transaction, C.C. Smith purchased 1#36 asst., 1#8 lamp asst., 1 novelty asst, 2 doz. opal chicks, 1 doz. rabbits, and 1 doz. #150 syrup cans for $55.25. The no. 36 and no. 8 lamp assortments were advertised as special deals offered only by Harrison Brothers.
  • loc_hbhc_American_Triple-Coated_Enameled_Ware.pdf

    This is an image of a Harrison Brothers advertisement for a "100-Piece Assortment of American Triple-Coated Enameled Ware". The advertisement also states "Quality Highest Standard" and features images of several enameled ware products such as pans, dippers, coffee pots, and tea pots. Each of the items included in the 100-piece assortment is listed and priced below the image. The description at the bottom of the page lists the freight charge for the purchase and describes the high quality of the "American Ware".
  • loc_hbhc_No.8_Lamp_Assortment_White.pdf

    The text at the top of this Harrison Brothers advertisement states "Harrison Brothers, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in China, Glass, Tin, Enameled Steelware, Cutlery, Paper and Paper Bags. No. 8 Lamp Assortment. Colors in Blue, Green & Crystal, With Plain Chimneys." Below this text is listed each of the items included in the assortment and the price. The small print at the bottom of the page details the Harrison Brothers' terms.
  • loc_hbhc_No.35_Special.pdf

    This is an image of a Harrison Brothers advertising pamphlet for the No. 35 special, the first Queensware product sold by the store. The text at the top of the left page states "Harrison Bros., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Queensware, Glassware, Tobacco, Cigars, Paper, Paper Bags, Etc. Huntsville, Ala,-----1900." The inscription in small print below is an announcement for new Queensware and glassware products. The page on the right side of the image lists the items included in the No. 35 Special and the price.
  • loc_hbhc_No.36 Special (2).pdf

    This is an image of a Harrison Brothers advertisement for the "Original Package No. 36 Special." The text at the top of the page states "Harrison Brothers, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in China, Glass, Tin, Enameled Steelware, Cutlery, Paper and Paper Bags. Original Package No. 36 Special. Ironstone China, Plain and Decorated." The items included in the special and the prices are listed in the center of the page. The Harrison Brothers' terms are written in small print at the bottom of the page.
  • loc_hbhc_Sales_Card.jpg

    This is an image of a Harrison Brothers sales card. The text on the card states "We Sell Good People on Easy Payments. Crockery, Glassware, Furniture, Stoves, Tinware, Ice Cream Freezers, Water Coolers and House Furnishing Goods. Harrison Bros., Office and Salesrooms, 2 and 3 Commercial Row, Huntsville, Ala., Presented by H.W. Haynes, General Salesman."
  • loc_hbhc_HB_Pottery_Catalog.pdf

    These images are from a Harrison Brothers' catalog. The No. 35 Special and the No. 30 Special were products of the Steubenville Pottery Company. The Forest Pattern and Daisy Pattern items were glassware products from an unknown company. The No. 9 Ware items were from the Rawstone Engraving and Printing Co. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • loc_robf_tribune_19001129.pdf

    Published on Thanksgiving Day 1900, this issue of the Tribune includes stories, songs, and poetry; lists of dead Confederate soldiers from Huntsville and Madison Count; and coverage of the erection of the Confederate monument in downtown Huntsville. Much discussion is made as well of the "Lost Cause," a mythology that perpetuates the belief that the cause of the Confederate States was noble and just and denies that slavery played the central role in secession. Includes columns written by Virginia Clay-Clopton and John Tyler Morgan.
  • loc_hutc_000109_000110.pdf

    Hutchens & Murdock agrees in the original text to pay $161.73. The text that is written on top of the original states that Plummer had received $25.04 in full payment. Various other illegible notes remain.
  • loc_hutc_000136_000138.pdf

    This document states that William Thomas Hutchens paid Andrew J. Murdock $4,702.22 for Murdock's half interest in the pluming and heating business. Attached is the insurance agreement of the property of Hutchens & Murdock and the payment agreement for the insurance.
  • loc_hutc_000139_000142.pdf

    These documents list the real estate owned by William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock, a list of stocks and bonds, and a contract between Hutchens and Hutchens & Murdock to lease two lower floors, basement, and grounds of a building owned by Hutchens & Murdock for the price of $40.00 per month.
  • loc_hutc_000143_000143.pdf

    This notice by William Thomas Hutchens written on stationary from the office of the Postmaster describes the dissolving of Hutchens & Murdock due to the "ill health" of Andrew J. Murdock and the recommendation of his physician to "seek a new climate."
  • loc_gold_000425_000426.pdf

    A detailed breakdown of loans and payments for E. B. Carter in business with I. Schiffman.
  • loc_gold_000431_000442.pdf

    Various loan contracts for livestock and equipment between I. Schiffman and customers including Moses Johnson, J. C. Todd, Gus Williams, Tom and B. F. Wyley, Henry Rice, and I. K. Carter.
  • monte_sano_1909_web.pdf

    Drawn for James F. O'Shaughnessy, the map shows the Monte Sano Hotel, the community of Viduta, Laura's View and Laura's View Station, and natural features of the mountain, such as Chalybeate Spring and Natural Well. The map also features names of property owners O'Shaughnessy, J. R. Stevens, Mrs. M. W. Wells, Milton Humes, and W. J. Pulley.
  • loc_hutc_000107_000108.pdf

    This document details the settlement of the estate of J. B. Parker. The back has calculations of amount owed to Hutchens & Murdock by Plummer.

    Includes photographs of members of the Pettus family (some named, some unnamed) as well as correspondence and newspaper articles related to them as well.
  • loc_robf_000339_000340.pdf

    Made for a size 32-inch bust, this nightgown pattern includes five pieces for the front, back, collar, sleeve, and sleeveband. The pattern does not include pieces for the yoke. The front of the pattern envelope lists the material required for each size, and the back describes garment construction. The pattern pieces are unprinted.
  • loc_hutc_000206_000217.pdf

    Most likely William Wyeth Newman, these various checks are signed by W. W. Newman from the W. R. Rison Banking Company to various recipients.
  • loc_hutc_000218_000221.pdf

    Written on Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd. letterhead, these pages contain handwritten notes and calculations by W. W. Newman that begin in the 1890s and runs through 1903.
  • loc_robf_000337_000338.pdf

    Made for a size 34-inch bust, this house dress pattern includes pieces for "The Waist with Square Yoke and Standing or Rolling Collar, and the Five-Gored Skirt Joined to the Waist." The front of the pattern envelope lists all instructions for the construction of the garment as well as material required. The pattern pieces are unprinted.

    This section contains a scrapbook from Herbert E. Pettus which contains posters, correspondence and photographs related to Herbert's time in college. Some items have notes describing what they are or the context surrounding them underneath.

    This section contains numerous handwritten correspondence letters and envelopes related to Richard E. Pettus including Huntsville Times article snippets recording his death.
  • loc_gold_000358_000361.pdf

    The first letter notes that they are "drawing on [Goldsmith]" for $2,250.00 for 25 shares as they could only get 25 shares according to the handwritten note at the botton. Plater also asks if Goldsmith is in the market for more stock. The second and third letter details fifty available shares of Dallas Mnfg. Co. stock at $87.50 per share and confirms Goldsmith's purchase of said shares.

    This folder contains correspondence between Sallie L. Roberts and Ellen D. Roberts.
  • loc_gold_000449_000450.pdf

    Loan contract for $225.00 for mules, horses, a cow, and equipment, borrowed by Thomas Wilson from Isaac Schiffman.
  • loc_hutc_000062_000062.pdf

    This receipt of payment details the purchase of land by Hutchens and Murdock for $144.00 in Madison County.
  • loc_gold_000402_000422.pdf

    Personal letters to Ike Schiffman from Ben Stromberg written on Stromberg, Kraus and Co. letterhead. The letters contain various business related topics and personal health information. Among the letters are telegrams acknowledging bills received and other business information.
  • loc_hbhc_The_Steubenville_Pottery_Co.pdf

    This is a Steubenville Pottery Company catalog of Queensware and glassware items. A picture of the Harrison Brothers' No. 35 Special is on page 7 and the No. 30 special is on page 9 of the catalog. Other items include the Lois, Roswell, and Avalon toilet sets in various colors, Fruit Bowls, Salad plates, the Ethel Dinner Service in various colors, Cuspidores, Celery dishes, Chop dishes, Princess Jardinieres, lamps, lamp burners, clocks, and knives.

    Madison Co. - Huntsville Site #21, 519 Randolph Ave. SE, Huntsville

    This section contains documents and maps related to a historical survey.

    This section appears to be a collection booklet of TARCOG correspondence, job descriptions, employee/management registers and survey forms. Contains maps paired with certain survey reports.

    This section contains reports and maps related to the Madison County Historical Site Survey. Maps appear to be hand-drawn. Contains reports and maps from Madison County, Mississippi and Madison County, Alabama.

    This section contains reports related to the Jacksonville Historical Site Survey. Relates specifically to photographs taken of different types of maps. Photographs not included.

    This section contains a handful of reports related to photographs (not present), describing their size, significance and additional descriptive details.

    This section contains an essay of historic sites in Madison County, Alabama as well as historic site applications for historic sites in Madison County, Contains descriptions and context for each historic site, why the site should be considered one. Handwritten notes are scribbled across some of the pages, pointing out and correcting typos, making editing suggestions and scratching out lines entirely.
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