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  • loc_mshc_0000024_web.pdf

    The photo shows the north side of courthouse square looking east in downtown Huntsville. The Madison County Courthouse can be seen at the right of the photo.
  • loc_mshc_0000028_web.pdf

    The O'Shaughnessy Place, nicknamed "Castle Delight," was built in 1885 by Col. James and Lucy O'Shaughnessy. It was a two-story Queen Anne-style house with four chimneys, gas lights, water lines, and indoor plumbing. Col. O'Shaughnessy was a cotton and real estate broker, seaport and railroad developer, and co-owner of the Huntsville Hotel, Huntsville Opera House, Hotel Monte Sano, and the Monte Sano Railway and Turnpike. The house burned in March 1890 and was demolished in the 1920s.
  • loc_mshc_0000025_web.pdf

    The photo shows the owner, Henry Fuller, with his family outside the cave entrance. Fuller purchased the cave in 1888 and developed it into an underground dance hall and bar. The cave is near current-day Pulaski Pike in Huntsville.
  • loc_mshc_0000032_web.pdf

    The hotel opened on June 1, 1887 as a luxury health resort. It was built by the North Alabama Improvement Company with funding from Michael and James O'Shaughnessy. The hotel closed in 1900 and was demolished in 1944.
  • loc_mshc_0000033_web.pdf

    This photo shows a scene at Lily Lake on the grounds of Col. James O'Shaughnessy's home on Monte Sano. According to the Historic Huntsville Quarterly, the structure in the foreground of the photo is a "four-tiered vertical framework covered with ivy, and reaching an impressive height of twelve feet or so."
  • loc_mshc_0000029_web.pdf

    The well is a large limestone cave shaft located near the site of the Hotel Monte Sano.
  • loc_mshc_0000026_web.pdf

    The photo depicts a man sitting on the rocks amidst the trees. The back of the photo reads, " 'The Eddies' or Eddy Rocks of Monte Sano."
  • loc_mshc_0000031_web.pdf
  • loc_mshc_0000034_web.pdf

    The view shows Athens Pike (now Holmes Avenue) in Huntsville, Alabama, with Monte Sano Mountain in the background.
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  • loc_mshc_0000030_web.pdf

    Early Huntsville Life and Memorabilia
  • r01a02-02.pdf

    This folder contains a mixture of Cabaniss household bills, primarily grocery bills, and documents from Fannie Cabaniss' career as Madison County Register in Chancery.
  • r01a02-03.pdf

    Early Huntsville Life and Memorabilia
  • loc_hutc_000087_000100.pdf

    This agreement outlines the debt of Hutchens & Murdock of twelve hundred and fifty dollars. The agreement outlines the promise to pay $250.00 every six months until the debt is payed off. The agreement also includes the inventory of Hutchens & Murdocks's personal property at two locations that would be held in mortgage until the debt is paid in full. Following the agreement, handwritten lists detail the personal inventory of two locations: the plumbing shop of Hutchens & Murdock "opposite Easley's Hotel and their plubming shop on W. Clinton Street. The final page shows three of the five promisory notes for the debt to be paid in increments of $250.00.
  • loc_hutc_000111_000130.pdf

    This agreement outlines the debt of Hutchens & Murdock for personal property as described in Schedule A of the document for $1,750.00. Hutchens & Murdock agrees to pay $500.00 in cash and the rest of the debt in "five equal half yearly installments, with interest." Following the written agreement there are pages of inventory of the personal property sold to Hutchens & Murdock.
  • loc_hutc_000147_000151.pdf

    This contract outlines the purchase and installation of automatic sprinklers for the sum of $1,674.00. The contract outlines the agreement of how the Huntsville Ware-House Co. will pay after the installation and the promises made by Hutchens & Murdock of products and techniques used. These scans include the handwritten notes on the backs of each page.
  • loc_mshc_0000027_web.pdf

    A handwritten inscription on the back of the photo notes, "The day 'our soldiers' came home, in front of capital. Sept. '99."
  • daily_accounts_book2_087_DSBrandon.pdf

    This image of a D.S. Brandon transaction from September 5, 1898, is cropped from page 89 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902. In this transaction, D.S. Brandon purchased a tobacco product. The transaction on this page corresponds to H. Brandon's customer account on page 28 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Henderson and his son Daniel S. Brandon were Black business owners in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • loc_dall_ledger_000069.pdf

    This minute book documents the activities of the Board of Directors of the Dallas Manufacturing Company in Huntsville, Alabama. The book includes meeting minutes, company correspondence, list of contracts with suppliers, information about company stock and production, lists of subscribers, and statements of profits and operating expenses.

    Notably, the minute book also includes a February 1893 letter from Oscar Goldsmith noting that "The Huntsville Land Company have built 50 double Houses for the Employees of Dallas M'f'g. Company. And as per request of Mr. Dallas will build 25 more houses for the same purpose." Goldsmith's letter is accompanied by a plat map that indicates the location of the houses. Streets shown include Pettigrew Avenue, Mellette Avenue, Halsey Avenue, Rison Avenue, Stevens Avenue, Humes Avenue, O'Shaughnessy Avenue, McCullough Avenue, Dallas Avenue, and cross streets.

    Business, Tours and Industry - Folder 4 is oversized, see separation sheet.
  • loc_hutc_000067_000068.pdf

    This deed outlines the purchase of land for $144.00 by William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock in 1897.

    This section contains documents and maps related to a historical survey.

    Early Huntsville Life and Memorabilia
  • loc_hutc_000144_000145.pdf

    Written on Hutchens & Erwin letterhead, this notice announces the partnership of William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock in the forming of Hutchens & Murdock to "carry on the business of plumbing, gas, and steam pipe fitting." Hutchens previously partnered with Dr. Erwin in his plumbing business.
  • loc_hbhc_ledger1_000223 (86)_GoldsmithCo.pdf

    This is a Goldsmith + Co. customer account page on page 24 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Transactions and payments on this ledger page correspond to Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902, and date from March 26, 1898, to August 7, 1901.
  • daily_accounts_book2_094_GoldsmithCo.pdf

    This image of a Goldsmith + Co. transaction from September 8, 1898, is cropped from page 96 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902. The transaction on this page corresponds to page 24 in Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. In this transaction, Goldsmith + Co. purchased tobacco products. Goldsmith + Co. was a grocery company in Huntsville, Alabama, and were frequent customers at Harrison Brothers.
  • loc_hbhc_ledger1_000223 (90)_HBrandon.pdf

    This is H. Brandon's customer account page on page 28 of Harrison Brothers Hardware Company customer account ledger 1, 1897-1904. Transactions and payments on this ledger page correspond to Harrison Brothers Hardware Company daybook 2, 1898-1902, and date from January 31, 1898, to February 25, 1901. Henderson Brandon was a Black business owner in Huntsville, Alabama, but "Col." is not written beside his name.
  • loc_hutc_000218_000221.pdf

    Written on Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd. letterhead, these pages contain handwritten notes and calculations by W. W. Newman that begin in the 1890s and runs through 1903.
  • loc_gold_000245_000246.pdf

    The front of this handwritten note is written by Charly M. Taylor, allotting R. R. Lakin 50 acres of land. The back of the note is written by R. R. Lakin agreeing to the terms of the transaction that he will cultivate the land and deliver "one half of said crop to the said Charly Taylor."
  • loc_gold_000258_000260.pdf

    W. E. Rinkley tells S. Schiffman that he has already paid the man who built a hen house and garden. He also tells Schiffman that he has reached out to Mr. Landers regarding his taxes and asks Schiffman to reach out and see what is happening there as Landers has not replied to Rinkley.
  • loc_gold_000253_000257.pdf

    In these letters, R. D. McKinney tells S. Schiffman that he will have to take all McKinney's stocks as his landlord has taken all his cotton stock to pay his rent before McKinney could pay S. Schiffman. In the second letter, McKinney asks S. Schiffman to send him two dollars to finish paying off the cotton pickers. The final letter is a request for meat and coffee on credit.
  • loc_hbhc_ledger1_000223.pdf

    This Customer Account Ledger contains the credit account information for Harrison Brothers customer transactions from 1898-1904. The index at the front of the ledger is organized alphabetically by the customer's last name. Each index page is dived into two columns. The left column lists the name of the customer and the right column lists the customer's city of residence and the page number of the customer's account. The page numbers reference pages in the ledger where one or multiple accounts are listed. Each customer account page is divided into a debit "D" and credit "C" column separated by a blue line. The customer's name and city of residence are written at the top of each account. In the debit column, the year is written at the top left and months and days of transactions are listed below in the first two columns. The next two columns reference a customer's transactions in a particular daybook listed as "B B #" and the page number that the transaction is listed on. This ledger references transactions in daybooks 1, 2, and 3 located in the University of Alabama in Huntsville Archives and Special Collections. In the credit column, the month and day of a customer's payments are listed in the first two columns. The next two columns list the daybook and the page number that the customer's payment is recorded on. The payment amount is listed in the rightmost column of the page. The debit and credit columns are either balanced at the bottom of the page or the Harrison Brothers indicated that the customer account was carried to a new page in the ledger.

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