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  • loc_hutc_000017_000018.pdf

    Photograph of "Susie Withers White?", as identified on the back of the portrait card. On back: "J. O'Neil, Photographer, 949 Broadway, N. Y. (bet. 22d & 23d Sts.)"
  • loc_hutc_000024_000025.pdf

    This photograph of Susie White was taken in 1870 by Robinson & Murphy of Huntsville, Alabama. On the back is written, "Susie Withers White / 1845-93."
  • loc_hutc_000029_000029.pdf

    On back: "William Wyeth Newman, 1872-1956"
  • loc_hutc_000030_000030.pdf

    On back: ""Ellen White, 1872-1955"
  • loc_hutc_000163_000164.pdf

    This newspaper clipping contains the obituary for Mary Elizabeth Newman, wife of Dr. Francis H. Newman and great-grandmother of Eleanor Hutchens. Includes the scan of the reverse side of the newspaper clipping.
  • loc_hutc_000204_000205.pdf

    Written on Wheeler Construction Company (Vicksburg, Canton and Yazoo City Rail Road.) letterhead, this letter addressed to "Gentlemen" is badly burnt and difficult to discern the subject matter. It appears to have been signed by Crawden & Newman of Huntsville, Alabama. The back contains a handwritten note that reads, "Papers relating to Richmond Steele Matters."
  • loc_hutc_000223_000224.pdf

    This letter marked "confidential read and burn," this letter is in response to a telegram sent earlier by William P. Newman. Garth states that he promised to appoint "Jno". He further writes that when "Jno" is notified of this, Newman is to say nothing as Garth does not with anyone to know he had anything to do with it. He writes that the only chance he has of defeating Moore in the convention is a "solid vote of Madison, Jackson, and Morgan." He concludes by stating that he wanted "simply to ask you" to help him obtain this "solid vote in Madison" and to put in a good word for him in Jackson as well. He reitterates that the letter is confidential and should be burned.
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