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  • loc_hilt_0000006_0000042.pdf

    Von Braun, then the director of Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, delivered this speech to the legislature in 1961. In the speech, he emphasizes that Alabama must take advantage of its position in the aerospace industry and create a robust "academic and research environment" in Huntsville to attract businesses that "will give birth to major new industries throughout the state." He exhorts the legislature to fund the newly established University of Alabama Research Institute (now part of the University of Alabama in Huntsville), arguing that "the Institute will not only be self-sustaining, but will enrich the State both financially and culturally." The legislature later approved von Braun's request of $3 million for the Research Institute, enabling the purchase of 200 acres of land for the campus and the construction of the Institute in 1964. The speech includes copies of slides von Braun used during his presentation, including diagrams of Saturn and Nova rockets as well as a mockup of a Saturn rocket on the lawn of the state capitol in Montgomery.
  • spc_stnv_000060.pdf

    This address was given by James E. Webb, Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, at the Inventors' Congress and Space Symposium, Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • loc_salm_000538_000544.pdf

    Richardson's comments include a biographical sketch of Salmon with details of his World War II service, law career, and civic involvement. Richardson also notes Salmon's involvement in the UAH Foundation.
  • builmoonrock_082007101725.pdf

    "Building the Moon Rocket" was presented at the National Machine Tool Builders Association Meeting, Doral Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida on November 3, 1965 by Dr. Mathias P.L. Siebel, the Deputy Director, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory. There are handwritten notes throughout.
  • chemspaceboosters_041807125251.pdf

    The document is a draft of the presentation "Chemistry in Space" by Harold Perkins, who explains the role of chemists in developing space launch vehicles. The document Includes references to charts and other presentation supports. The document is marked in the upper left hand corner "Huntsville High School Science Organization (the JETS), October 1962."
  • spc_geis_000001_000041.pdf

    This speech was given by Wernher von Braun, then the director of the Development Operations Division at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, at the 1958 ASME-ARS Aviation Conference in Dallas, Texas.

    This folder contains an invitation from Livingston University, a Speech, and a correspondence and an index of events.
  • TheupratedSaturn I_012208114543.pdf

    Remarks by Vaino J. Vehko, Director of Engineering, Chrysler Corporation Space Division at 30th Annual Meeting, Aviation/Space Writers Association, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Trendsinprocurement_022808140424.pdf

    Speech delivered by Garland G. Buckner to the National Contract Management Association, Huntsville Chapter. Discusses the outdated procurement process, how its changing and how to track the trends of how its changing.
  • satiblauvehsyst_071107131340.pdf

    Speech containing information regarding Crystler's role in the Saturn Project as contracted builders of the stages of three space vehicles.
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