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    The document outlines costs associated with laboratories and graduate coursework in math, physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.
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    Digesu worked in the Astrionics Division of MSFC. This paper was presented at the AIAA Guidance & Control Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 12-14, 1963.
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    Presented by Charles A. MacGregor, Supervisor, Advanced Turbomachinery during Workshop D, Royce Hall, Room 160 at UCLA on 2 June 1964, as a part of the NASA-UCLA Symposium and Workshop on the Transformation of Knowledge and Its Utilization. The introduction notes, "This report is divided into two general parts. The first part is a description of turbopumps for liquid rocket engines as they exist today. For completeness and understanding, some background information is included on why turbopumps have evolved to their present configurations. The second part suggest portions of this effort that may have some applicability to the general economy."
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    Given at the IRAD Technical Seminar, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 30, 1968. F. L. Pugh, Principal investigator; E. C. Caldwell, Advanced IU Systems, IBM Huntsville.
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    Paper by J. W. Moore and J. R. Mitchell, Quality & Reliability Assurance Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center, and H. H. Trauboth, Computation Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center. The paper summary notes, "The advancement of the space age into increasingly complex and ambitious missions requiring the development and operation of more sophisticated and intricate launch vehicles has generated numerous problem areas. The purpose of this paper is to define the Aerospace Vehicle Simulation; discuss the relationship of this simulation to the major problem areas of checkout; describe the development and implementation of this simulation system; indicate multidiscipline applications to present and future programs."
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    Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Fluid Sealing held in conjunction with the 24th annual meeting in Philadelphia, May 5-9, 1969.
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    This paper presents a discussion of a hybrid simulation used to dynamically verify the Saturn Guidance and Control subsystems. First, the Saturn vehicle is briefly described to provide background information. The Instrument Unit (IU) is considered in more detail to give a proper setting for the Guidance and Flight Control (G and FC) discussion that follows. After a brief description of the actual G and FC System operation, simulation models of the G and FC components are considered in detail. This is followed by a discussion of the model assignment to a particular computer (digital or analog) and justification for making that assignment. Finally, results of the AS-204/LM1 hybrid simulation studies are briefly considered with mention of the actual flight data.
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    Paper given at the AIAA Guidance and Control Conference, August 12-14, 1963, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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    Includes the clipping "Clamping Tool Aligns Odd-Shaped Sections for Welding" from <i>Design News</i>, September 4, 1963, written by Margaret A. Maas.
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