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  • Crewbrieinst_012309113213.pdf

    Document outlining different slides of a presentation containing numerous organizational charts, diagrams and bullet-list points.
  • whyinternalinsulationforthesaturns-iv_041207133311.pdf

    Prepared for presentation at the Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Los Angeles, California, August 14-16, 1962.; There is no page 8.
  • tooforaerapp_060707142010.pdf

    Presented to the American Ordnance Association. A presentation on Saturn S-IC Tooling in order to demonstrate the trend towards larger tooling support. Focuses on the tank-structures primarily.
  • Trandougsatusicbstag_082007093936.pdf

    Presented to the American Society of Civil Engineers by R. W. Prentice, manager, Saturn Logistics Support, Douglas Aircraft Company Inc., Missile & Space Systems Division, Space Systems Center, Huntington Beach, California. This paper describes the significant events and equipment associated with transporting the Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., built Saturn S-IVB stage from stage fabrication at Huntington Beach, California, to the Sacramento Test Center and to the Kennedy Space Center. Descriptions and illustrations of the transportation vehicles and major ground support and instrumentation equipment are presented for a more comprehensive understanding of the transportation problem.
  • Satulaunvehi_081407123504.pdf

    General O'Connor's presentation to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Centers around saturn space vehicles and makes references to slides.
  • Satulaunvehifami_091707161639.pdf

    Presentation focusing on the history of Saturn V's engineering history and crew.
  • Satulunavehi_091707160212.pdf

    Aerospace Workshop, University of Hawaii.; Includes references to slides.
  • saturnandlunarflight_033007104525.pdf

    Speech by K.K. Dannenberg at American Society of Civil Engineers, Huntsville, November 2.; Projectionist's copy (photocopy) - slide numbers are included.
  • saturnsa-1flighanditsinstrumenta_031607091738.pdf

    Presentation focusing on empahsising the importance of space programs such as Saturn.
  • satuandthenasaspacprog_040907103910.pdf

    Given at the Birmingham Chapter National Defense Transportation Association. Focuses chiefly on moon-missions.
  • satugulfcoastpres_061307115347.pdf

    Presentation about the Saturn program and its purpose in the gulf coast.
  • safeengifortheman_040407115148.pdf

    Presented at Safety Engineering of Missile/Space Systems, 53rd Air Force - Industry Conference, detailing potential safety issues within the Atlas weapon system.
  • satstasIIjul71961min_031307092529.pdf

    Transcription of a confrence aiming to propose ideas for new rocket designs. Includes references to slides.
  • satuanditsmiss_033007152437.pdf

    Presentation from Harper, discussing the Saturn Project's then-status, background and plans.
  • satuandtheexploofspac_042007155818.pdf

    Presentation Raymond Pisani to the East-West Bank Chamber of Commerce regarding the Saturn project's roll in space exploration and what contrabutions the East-West Bank can make in that area.
  • satuandthefutu_040907111406.pdf

    Presentation with its main focus on the competitive and humanitarian goals of the Saturn project.
  • rolenasamsfcmanufeng_071207105624.pdf

    For presentation at the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) Manufacturing Engineering Committee Meeting. Discusses the role the NASA Engineering Laboratory has had on NASA projects in the form of vehicles and smaller projects.
  • Roles-ivbapol_041508165617.pdf

    Douglas Paper No. 4396.; Prepared by Ludwig Roth, Director, Saturn/Apollo Program Extension, Douglas Aircraft Company.; Presented to 16th Annual Conference of the Hermann Oberth Society. Discusses the role of the Apollo rocket after the Apollo program has concluded.
  • Proplect_091907133304.pdf

    Lecture discussing the types of propellant used in space rockets.
  • Realtimeopersyst_101507115951.pdf

    Presentation aimed to encourage a final check on the Saturn V project before its first launch to ensure safety and success.
  • Plasinspacflig_121508153317.pdf

    Article aimed at improving the NASA's ability to complete its projects."
  • msfcmannedspaceflight_050807110513.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the January 29, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 1, " MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides , a film report and narrative back-up information to support the presentation.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforaug271963manacounmeet_061307104700.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the August 27, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."; Original is photocopy.; M-CP-P(R40).; TMXS 7544.; Includes references to film and slides.; Contents include: 1. SA-5 Status; 2. SA-5 voice orbital transmitter; 3. Integration effort.
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatfordec181962manacounmeet_061107105019.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. von Braun's presentation for the December 18, 1962, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 2, "MSFC Status Report."
  • MSFCmannspacfligprogstatforprestothemanacounmarc261963_042007121326.pdf

    This is material prepared in support of Dr. Von Braun's presentation for the March 26, 1963, Management Council Meeting - Agenda Item 3, "MSFC Status Report". Presentation material consists of slides, a film report and narrative backup-information to support the presentation.
  • metmeawitpropeg_081707093957.pdf

    Presentation at the Northeast Electronics Research and Engineering Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, November 4, 1965. Ernest Stuhlinger, Director, Research Projects Laboratory, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA), Huntsville, Alabama.; INTRODUCTION: The prime objective of Project Pegasus is to measure, in the vicinity of the earth, the meteoroid penetration frequency in aluminum sheets of thicknesses which approach those of space capsule walls. Plans for the project were initiated at NASA in 1962 by the Office of Advanced Research and Technology and the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Throughout the project, members of the Langley Research Centers supported the project with experiments and advice.
  • manaspacprogfielcent_061407150457.pdf

    Transcription of a presentation from Wernher von Braun discussing the roles of the space vehicles in the Apollo project.
  • enggcappresentation.pdf.pdf

    This Engineering Capabilities Presentation lists the competence and capability that has been demonstrated by the Space Support Division of Sperry Rand Corporation while fulfilling contractual commitments in the aerospace industry. This is a preliminary presentation; the preparation of a complete capabilities history of the division is currently in the developmental stage. The Capabilities Experience Summary is comprised of ten categories. e.g. Category 1 - Aeronautics, etc. The capabilities reported herein were performed by the Space Support Division under Contract NAS8-20055 to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, George C. Marshall Flight Center, Astrionics Laboratory, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • desdevfabric_071107111534.pdf

    For presentation to the Society of Automotive Engineers, 16 September 1964, Boston, Massachusetts. ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the design, development and fabrication of a prototype hydraulic transformer, Hydro-Aire Model No. 05-055, performed in fulfillment of the requirements of Contract No. NAS 8-5264 for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. The Hydraulic Transformer described is designed to pump hydraulic oil at a flow of 100 GPM with a pressure rise of 4000 psi, and does this work by utilizing as a power source the flow of RP-1 rocket fuel at a pressure of 1900 psig. The Hydraulic Transformer built to handle this combination of flows and pressures, unprecedented in such devices, has a weight of only 70 pounds for the first development model. The development of this unit is discussed and future development improvements are mentioned.
  • Commbulk_022508152321.pdf
  • Crewbrieinst_012709172107.pdf

    Document outlining different slides of a presentation containing numerous organizational charts, diagrams and bullet-list points.
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