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    The document contains four charts labeled "Investigation", "Exploration", "Utilization", and "Control". Each chart is organized chronologically, contains drawings of U.S. Aerospace Program Projects, and incudes written descriptions of each project.
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    This document includes revisions. There are missing pages from page 237-238. This reference document catalogues all MSFC oriented visual aids filed in the Visual Aids Library of Marshall Space Flight Center. These visual aids are updated by the Graphic Engineering & Models Branch, Industrial Operations Program Management Information Office, and the Research and Development Operations Management Office. The purpose of the Visual Aids Library is to provide management data visuals in the form of slides (3 X 4 and 2 X 2), or black and white prints, to MSFC offices and laboratories, and other centers, who have a valid requirement. The visual aids are issued on a loan basis in order to obtain as wide a use for each visual and to assure that the latest revisions are incorporated in the issued item. Visuals may be ordered from the Visual Aids Library, located on the 10th floor of building 4200 (Phone 876-7237, 876-6960, 876-0983). In addition to the visuals published in this book, photographs from prime contractors are available from Industrial Operations, Program Management Information Office, Room 621, building 4201. Visuals with erroneous or obsolete information should be brought to the attention of the Visual Aids Library, preferably in writing, so that corrections can be made immediately. This publication will be kept current through distribution of pages of new visuals and notification will be made on obsolete visuals so they may be crossed out in the catalogue. Comments and suggestions concerning this publication will be greatly appreciated. Changes in the distribution lists should be directed to Mr. Gordon 0. Willhite, or Mrs. Opal Tabor, Visual Aids Library, MS-G.
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