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  • loc_hilt_0000001_0000005a.pdf

    The timeline includes a memorandum from Friedjof A. Speer, manager of the Missions Operations Office, to employees of Marshall Space Flight Center. Speer notes that "astronaut Neil Armstrong is scheduled to be the first man to step onto the moon's surface." The timeline outlines the entire mission from liftoff at 8:32 AM on Wednesday, July 16, 1969 to splashdown at 11:49 AM on Thursday, July 24, 1969.
  • spc_stnv_000094.pdf

    This memorandum contains the pages to be changed in the logistics program for the Apollo/Saturn Project. The logistics plan includes the design, procuring, manufacturing, and production processes. This plan formalizes the program, improves logistic support, and implements management and action plans.
  • spc_stnv_000095.pdf

    This memorandum details changes or changes to be considered in Apollo-Saturn nomenclature. It also contains the matter of the Apollo and AAP missions designs and changes Seamans wishes to see.
  • spc_stnv_000096.pdf

    The memorandum contains a paper titled, "Apollo - Should It Be Committed to Weightlessness." This paper contains information about artificial gravity and the effects of prolonged periods of weightlessness on human beings and chimpanzees.
  • spc_stnv_000109.pdf

    This paper includes the equations for the bending moment of a launch vehicle with the effects of bending and sloshing dynamics. It also includes a comparison between the bending moment response envelope of the measure winds and the bending moment response of the MSFC synthetic wind profile.
  • spc_nick_000056_000056.pdf

    This memo was written about a conversation earlier that day. Zimmer tells Bell that after discussing with Lieutenant Cole, they agree that Colonel Nickerson should not be tried on any other charges than the first ten specification to Charge I.
  • spc_nick_000061_000062.pdf

    This memo details an upcoming trip to Washington and the scheduled appointments with various senators and military officials in regard to the Nickerson case. The memo states that it would be preferred is all charges and specifications dropped and consider a reinvestigation and punishment. It includes other information regarding the case.
  • spc_nick_000587_000597.pdf

    Bowman writes to the U.S. Army Judiciary Clerk of Court Office to request a copy of the transcript of the Nickerson court martial proceedings. Mary B. Dennis, Deputy Clerk of Court responds that a large portion is classified and asks if he wants that material reviewed towards declassification though it would be a lengthy process. She also guides him towards other "publicably available documents" regarding the case. The following letters from Dennis regards the review of the classified transcripts of the Nickerson case and more details about the record of the trial. Bowman's second letter includes a check to pay for the transcripts and the review of the classified material. Dennis writes several more letters regarding more classified prosection exhibits and that Bowman's request to review the classified material has been denied. The final letter is the memo that states that the review has been denied from Deputy Director Robert J. Monahan.
  • loc_hutc_000187_000190.pdf

    This letter details a compromise regarding the railroad and buildings on the ground deeded to the railroad. The author states that this will not affect Benedict's purchase price. It also includes information regarding the Coxe Estate. The memo included from the Report of Railroad Officials further details the available lots and those that belong to the railroad and the Coxe Estate.

    Folder containing documents, correspondence, lists and photographs relating to St. Alban's Church in Gainesville, Alabama.
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