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    Folder containing documents, correspondence, lists and photographs relating to St. Alban's Church in Gainesville, Alabama.

    Includes black arm band.
  • Manaplancomp_120108133922.pdf
  • Manaplanforsatu_120108134228.pdf

    The purpose of this management plan is to set forth the channels 1 and methods used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the development of the SATURN Vehicle System, This plan is based i on past experience and proven management principles of the Development Operations Division, The attached figures illustrate the plan.
  • LettMSFCAttnDrWernVonBraun_090408155515.pdf

    Letter to Wernher von Braun from NASA headquarters regarding Project Highwater and how it was withheld.
  • Dxprior_120108121209.pdf

    Memorandum discussing the priorization of various nlunar landing vehicle projects.
  • researchireviserino9pt1-pt2.pdf.pdf

    In 1955, the team which has become the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) began to organize a research program within its various laboratories and offices. The purpose of the program was two-fold: first, to support existing development projects by research studies and second, to prepare future development projects by advancing the state of the art of rockets and space flight. Funding for this program came from the Army, Air Force, and Advanced Research Projects Agency. The effort during the first year was modest and involved relatively few tasks. The communication of results was, therefore, comparatively easy.; Pages of handwritten notes on yellow legal paper. There is also a 3 x 5 inch card with this information. Article reference for Saturn History Files: Schuler, Albert E. (NASA-MSFC) Research and development in instrumentation for static testing.
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