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  • spc_spac_000297.pdf

    The advertisement gives a features and specifications of the ride, its shipping weight, and its price.
  • spc_spac_000299_000300.pdf

    This flier advertises window and counter displays. The displays include figures of gnomes, clowns, chefs, people, bunnies, and a variety of santas.
  • spc_spac_000301_000303.pdf

    This advertisement for minuature golf courses includes a price list for different course components. There is a sketch of some sort on the back of the document.
  • spc_spac_000304.pdf

    This advertisement provides an image, a description, and prices for the Simplex Mark V.
  • spc_spac_000310_000311.pdf

    This flier has an illustration of the Water Scamp, a diagram of the layout of its use in a pool, and its specifications.
  • spc_spac_000344_000345.pdf

    This flier has a description, specifications, photographs, and an illustration of the Bubble Bounce ride.
  • spc_spac_000346_000347.pdf

    This flier describes the Litter Bug outdoor vacuum cleaner and its three models.
  • spc_spac_000348_000349.pdf

    The flier has illustrations of the "Customer Operated Boat Ride" and its possible tracks as well as ride specifications.
  • spc_spac_000359_000360.pdf

    This flier has a colored image of the "Junior Hot Rod Ride" as well as a description and price for it.
  • spc_spac_000361_000362.pdf

    This flier has an image of the "Skooter Building" as well as a description and some specifications for it.
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