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  • loc_burw_film_003.mp4

    A selection of various Christmas and family scenes. Includes a visit to Grizzly Gorge safari park/zoo. Some scenes of a family vacation to the beach and birthday parties for Eddie Burwell and Christy Burwell.
    Christmas [00:01, 00:57, 01:43, 02:51, 02:59, 04:26, 20:04, 22:28]
    Vacation [07:10, 09:29, 13:21]
    Birthday party [23:25, 24:53]
    Other family events [04:50, 05:32, 06:15, 06:23, 06:41, 14:46, 17:58]
  • loc_burw_film_010.mp4

    Footage of a family trip to Georgia. Included is early footage of Zoo Atlanta, the Little White House in Warm Springs, and the Callaway Gardens.
    Callaway Gardens [10:10]
    Little White House at Warm Springs [08:35]
    Zoo Atlanta [00:06]
  • loc_burw_film_019.mp4

    The label on the inside of the can notes, "Optimist Picnic. Parade. Memphis Zoo about 1952."
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