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    In this partial autobiography, Schulze describes his experiences growing up in Neulaubusch, Germany and training and working as an engineer. He notes that he began working for Wernher von Braun at Kummersdorf in 1936 and then moved to Peenemünde, where he worked on the A-3, A-5, A-7, and V-3 rockets. The documents also include a lengthy handwritten excerpt from Schulze's 1945 day book and a résumé. Includes a transcription and a partial English translation.
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    The pass notes, "The German soldier who carries this safe conduct pass is using it as a sign of his genuine wish to give himself up. He is to be disarmed, to be well looked after, to receive food and medical attention as required, and to be removed from the danger zone as soon as possible."
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