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  • Vibracouenvichar_011509105838.pdf

    This paper presents representative examples of vibration and acoustic data from flights of the Saturn V launch vehicle and static firings of Saturn V launch vehicle stages. The purpose of the paper is to provide vibration and acoustic environment characteristics which are pertinent to the design of launch vehicles
  • Pogoanal.pdf

    Report that contians images of graphs, photographs and diagrams.
  • dynaenvioftheS-IVandS-IVBsatuvehi_062007110209.pdf

    The vibration and acoustic environments of the S-IV and S-IVB Stages of the Saturn vehicle are summarized. A brief review of techniques used to predict the dynamic environments of the S-IV and S-IVB vehicles is presented. This review includes discussions on the prediction of rocket exhaust noise, boundary layer noise, sinusoidal vibrations, and random vibrations for the S-IV and S-IVB vehicles. In addition, sine-random vibration conversions are given.
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