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  • Huntisasdec68_040709153450.pdf

    The following article is a digest from the Book, "From Peenemunde to Outer Space", commemorating the fiftieth birthday of Wernher von Braun, March 23, 1962 condensed by H. M. Hammac).
  • Instprogcompcont_082007101905.pdf

    A number of considerations are necessary in instrumentation programming, many of which are either not applicable or applicable to a lesser degree in other types of programming. This paper discusses these problems in general terms and illustrates how they have been dealt with specifically. The latter is done by describing the programming and operation of a data reduction system.
  • Instunitcructest_091307144134.pdf

    A three-foot high Instrument tional Business Machines Corporation will be launched into orbit with a huge Saturn second stage
    later this month in a crucial test for the Apollo lunar program.
  • Impamanudesi.pdf

    The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the need for accessibility in the assembly and maintenance of spacecraft. This is especially pertinent because accessibility to subsystems for replacement, repair, and maintenance has proven to be one of the more costly phases of preflight preparation. The most successful programs in this day and age have been when the design and manufacturing engineers work side by side around a mockup where solutions to the problems can be visually seen and solved, keeping in mind the assembly as related to accessibility. Therefore, it will be shown that in order to overcome the difficulties, designers should adapt a hard, fast ground rule that each unit must be accessible and individually removable without disturbing the other units.; Aeronautic and Space Engineering and Manufacturing Meeting, Los Angeles, Calif. Oct. 7 - 11, 1968.
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