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    Von Braun, then the director of Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, delivered this speech to the legislature in 1961. In the speech, he emphasizes that Alabama must take advantage of its position in the aerospace industry and create a robust "academic and research environment" in Huntsville to attract businesses that "will give birth to major new industries throughout the state." He exhorts the legislature to fund the newly established University of Alabama Research Institute (now part of the University of Alabama in Huntsville), arguing that "the Institute will not only be self-sustaining, but will enrich the State both financially and culturally." The legislature later approved von Braun's request of $3 million for the Research Institute, enabling the purchase of 200 acres of land for the campus and the construction of the Institute in 1964. The speech includes copies of slides von Braun used during his presentation, including diagrams of Saturn and Nova rockets as well as a mockup of a Saturn rocket on the lawn of the state capitol in Montgomery.
  • spc_lund_0000007.pdf

    Charles A. Lundquist seated in Von Braun Research Hall, at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
  • uah_uahp_000202_web.pdf

    The building is now known as Von Braun Research Hall.
  • uah_uahp_000239_web.pdf

    The building is now known as Von Braun Research Hall.
  • uah_uahp_000285_web.pdf

    Plans for installing a Univac at the Research Institute were detailed in SUN Magazine, a Sperry Rand publication, around 1962. The author of "The Alabama Research Institute: A Dreams Comes True for Huntsville and Dr. Hermann" notes that "Recently Dr. [Rudolf] Hermann completed arrangements with officials of the Univac Division of Sperry Rand Corporation for installation of a Univac 1107."
  • exponent_19680716.pdf

    Clipping from the UAH Exponent, Wednesday, December 10, 1969, vol. 2, no. 10, page 3. The article highlights the work of Barton C. Hacker and John S. Beltz to collect historical documents from the Saturn program. The documentation they collected is available at UAH Archives and Special Collections in the Saturn V Collection.
  • spc_chri_000002.pdf

    The documentation noted in the circular is available at UAH Archives and Special Collections in the Saturn V Collection.
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  • uah_uahh_000034.pdf

    The flier discusses coordination of library services between the UAH Library, the Research Institute, and Redstone Scientific Information Center.
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    The program includes a short history of the Research Institute and a program of events, featuring remarks from Rudolf Hermann, Wernher von Braun, and Alabama Governor John Patterson. The back page shows a map of Huntsville with directions from the Huntsville Armory to the Research Institute.
  • spc_mcca_000046_web.pdf

    Officials shown in the photo, left to right: University of Alabama president Frank Rose, unidentified, Sen. Bob Jones, and Research Institute director Rudolf Hermann.
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  • spc_mcca_000200-210.pdf

    Sent from H. Clyde Reeves, Vice President for Huntsville Affairs, to all faculty and staff, this order outlines the "current administrative setup in Huntsville of the University of Alabama." The document provides clarification of certain administrative roles, including those of Finance Officer Earl Jacoby, Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Community Relations Philip M. Mason, and Director of Instruction Charley Scott. The order also outlines the structure of academic departments, roles of department chairs, and the organization of the Research Institute. It includes an organizational chart of the university, and pencilled notes have been added by then-head librarian Christel L. McCanless.
  • spc_mcca_000241-258.pdf

    The contents include: "Report I. The Nature and Scope of Undergraduate Programs at the University of Alabama in Huntsville," "Report II. The Nature and Extent of Graduate Programs at the University of Alabama in Huntsville," and "Report III. The University of Alabama Research Institute." The reports include a list of membership of the "Ad Hoc Committe on Development of the University of Alabama in Huntsville," as well as letters from University of Alabama President Frank A. Rose and development committee chair Alex S. Pow, then Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Alabama.
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