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    This history is intended as a quick orientation source and as a ready-reference for review of the Thor and its systems. The report briefly states the development of Thor, summarizes and chronicles Thor missile and booster launchings, provides illustrations and descriptions of the vehicle systems, relates their genealogy, explains some of the performance capabilities of the Thor and Thor-based vehicles used, and focuses attention to the exploration of space by Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
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    The Organization of a Countdown was developed over 8 years of missiles and space systems testing at the Douglas Aircraft Company, Sacramento test Center. The experience on which this study was based includes the Thor development and acceptance testing, Titan I second stage engine development testing, Development of liquid hydrogen handling techniques, Saturn S-IV and S-IVB development and acceptance testing. The intent of this paper is to examine the static test countdown organization and discuss the need for a systematic method to organize a countdown.
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