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  • Systsafehand_022008152101.pdf

    The testing of a hardware system consists of' subjecting it to carefully controlled operating conditions for the purpose of demonstrating that this system performs its function properly.
  • safeengifortheman_040407115148.pdf

    Presented at Safety Engineering of Missile/Space Systems, 53rd Air Force - Industry Conference, detailing potential safety issues within the Atlas weapon system.
  • engrsafeintomissspacsyst_070507103305.pdf

    Safety Engineering, as applied to complex missile and space systems, has developed a new methodology referred to as "System Safety Engineering." The requirement for a comprehensive approach to safety which is included as a contractually covered adjunct to the design, development, and operational phases of a systems life cycle has become apparent from costly missile mishap experience. The general concepts and accomplishments of this new engineering discipline are described along with possible beneficial relationships with Reliability and other recognized organizational elements engaged in safety related activities.
  • Devsatsys.pdf.pdf

    This paper describes the major highlights or milestones passed in the development of a System Safety Program at MSFC since early 1967. it discusses accomplishments, problems resolved, and decisions made for Apollo Saturn vehicles AS-501 and AS-502, and projects that are to be accomplished on future Saturn vehicles.
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