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  • loc_gold_000273_000274.pdf

    A request calling for a general Stock Holders Meeting of the Huntsville Land Company issued by Oscar Goldsmith. The second document contains signatures of Oscar Goldsmith and Solomon Plant with a handwritten note that reads: "Please sign this and have Mr. Plant sign".
  • loc_gold_000340_000345.pdf

    Documents include three years of balance sheets for the Printz-Biederman Company and the accompanying letters with further information.
  • loc_gold_000346_000346.pdf

    Company secretary, Harry A. Newman, writes to the stockholders informing them of a special meeting where stockholders will be asked to authorize changes in per value to the capital stock.
  • loc_gold_000347_000352.pdf

    In this letter, Edgar Weil gives Goldsmith information regarding the sale of his mother's stocks in the Chelten Hills Cemetery Company, as Goldsmith is unable to attend and will need a proxy, and the reasoning behind the call to change the per value of the stock. Weil states that the Company does not earn any return for their stocks and so he is selling the stocks for a low price per share due to the fact that "nobody will ever get a cent for these holdings." The second document is a letter from Oscar requesting a proxy for the meeting, and Harry's response to be Oscar's proxy. The final documents are signed and blank contracts appointing attorneys to vote for the decrease in per value of the capital stocks at the stockholders meeter.
  • loc_gold_000355_000355.pdf

    This letter requests that Oscar Goldsmith, president of the Huntsville Land Company, sends copies of the company's earning statements so K. Ward-Smith can obtain a bid on shares of stock for sale.
  • loc_gold_000375_000382.pdf

    A collection of letters from G. H. Milliken to Oscar Goldsmith regarding various business related topics including stockholders and directors meetings, certificates for shares of Pacolet stock for Judge Walker, the confirmation that Judge Walker's check was received and the stock certificate was mailed, and potential buyers of Huntsville Land Co's. Dallas stock.
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