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  • spc_stnv_000062.pdf

    This copy has handwritten notes that change the title to read, "Analog Simulation of Uprated Saturn I Stage Propulsion System Dynamic Characteristics." The abstract notes, "The purpose of this paper is to present the techniques and logic employed in the development of an analog computer model to simulate Saturn IV first stage propulsion system dynamic characteristics. Restraints, problem areas, and major assumptions are included."
  • spc_stnv_000104.pdf

    This report has been prepared to provide Aerojet management and the interested NASA offices with nuclear propulsion decision aid data. The primary intent of these analyses is to evaluate potential space missions which may utilize nuclear propulsion in an effort to determine the most desirable characteristics of a nuclear propulsion system.
  • zerostage_082707085507.pdf

    To meet the demands of increasing payload size and weight, and to fill the large payload gap between the Saturn IB and Saturn V, a number of methods of uprating the Saturn IB have been studied by NASA and Chrysler Corp. of providing increased payload capability is discussed in this paper. Four 120 in. United Technology Center UA-1205 solid propellant motors, originally developed for the Air Force Titan III program, are clustered around the S-IB first stage of the Saturn IB launch vehicle. These four solid propellant motors provide the total thrust for liftoff of the vehicle, with S-IB stage ignition occurring just prior to burn-out and separation of the solid propellant motors. The term "Zero Stage" is applied to this added stage.
  • propdeveprobassowithlargliqurock_040207114707.pdf

    NASA technical memorandum, Propulsion and Mechanism Branch. Propulsion and Vehicle Engineering Division, Research and Development Operations.
  • Propkey.pdf

    Cover has: P. D. Castenholz and H. K. Griggs, Advanced Systems, Advanced Projects Department. D. W. Hege, Manager, Advanced Projects. Paper regarding the importance of propulsion technology and the future missions that would require advancements in that field.
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