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    Allen Ware is originally from Atlanta Georgia. He attended Auburn University where he studied Industrial Design . He moved to Huntsville, AL in 1983 to work for a company called "Essex." He worked there from 1983-1991. There, he produced a variety of things. First, he helped produce the Hubble Space Telescope mock-up and crew trainers. Then, he produced some other shuttle mock-ups. After leaving "Essex," he started to work at Boeing in Huntsville where he worked on the International Space Station. There, Ware was an internal and external packager configurator. He did that job for 15 years. He then transitioned to support the Delta IV launch vehicle out of Decatur. There, he did secondary structure design for Delta IV components. Ware is currently an Engineering manager of a Mechanical design team. He has about 15 engineers under him that do spacecraft, aircraft, and launch-vehicle design.
  • International_Space_Station_001.pdf

    Poster featuring a painting of the International Space Station with images of the flags of the countries involved on both the left and right sides of the painting. A paragraph about ATK Alliant Techsystems is found in the lower righthand corner.
  • A_New_Competitive_Edge_For_America_001.pdf

    Marketing campaign poster for NASA. Features an image of a space shuttle in front of Earth.
  • A_View_of_the_Invisible_Universe_001.pdf

    Double-sided informational poster detailing the invisible universe. The poster features both text and images related to the topic.
  • Going_To_Work_in_Space_Merged_Compressed.pdf

    Photo of a space shuttle in the air.
  • Space_Shuttle_Missions_001.pdf

    Double-sided informational poster showing emblems from each of the space shuttle missions. The back has text details related to each mission.
  • Space_Technology_001.pdf

    Marketing campaign poster for NASA. Features an image of a space shuttle over the Earth.
  • Spacelab_Merged_Compressed.pdf

    Illustration of Spacelab with cutouts showing people working inside.
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