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  • loc_hilt_0000001_0000005a.pdf

    The timeline includes a memorandum from Friedjof A. Speer, manager of the Missions Operations Office, to employees of Marshall Space Flight Center. Speer notes that "astronaut Neil Armstrong is scheduled to be the first man to step onto the moon's surface." The timeline outlines the entire mission from liftoff at 8:32 AM on Wednesday, July 16, 1969 to splashdown at 11:49 AM on Thursday, July 24, 1969.
  • spc_stnv_001_003.pdf

    The leaflet outlines the history of Saturn launches and gives a physical description of the rocket. The description includes a diagram of each stage; specifications of each stage's thrust, propellants, liftoff weight, and burning time; and engine specifications.
  • spc_schl_007_058a.pdf
  • spc_horn_000001_000064.pdf

    From the abstract: "This report discusses the iterative guidance mode and its application to three-dimensional upper stage vacuum flight. It is an inertial or closed system mode in that the only inputs required after liftoff are available from the onboard navigation system. That is, the iterative scheme computes steering commands as a function of the state and of the vehicle - velocity, position, longitudinal acceleration, and gravitational acceleration - and the desired cutoff conditions. The guidance commands are updated each guidance cycle, using the updated state of the vehicle. The iterative guidance scheme is a path adaptive guidance scheme in that it will retain its optimization properties under all expected types and magnitudes of vehicle perturbations without any loss in accuracy at liftoff."
  • spc_horn_000065_000085.pdf

    The summary notes, "In 1960, research work was begun to develop new guidance concepts for the Saturn space vehicles. [...] This paper presents the basics of the Iterative Guidance Law developed for Saturn launch vehicles to meet these new requirements of space age guidance. The development of the Iterative Guidance Law and the results and ideas presented in this paper are due primarily to Mr. Helmut J. Horn and his associates in the Dynamics Analysis and Flight Mechanics Division of the Aero-Astrodynamics Laboratory." Marked "Research Review, OK" in the upper right corner of the first page. The document includes corrections and additions to the text in red pencil.
  • spc_horn_000065_000085.pdf
  • spc_horn_000087.pdf

    From the summary: "Both [guidance] schemes steer toward a specified end point. The MIT scheme uses thrust to cancel out the effective gravity, a nonlinear term, which may be inefficient in certain cases. The MSFC scheme is more closely connected with calculus of variations and optimization theory in a reasonable degree of approximation."
  • spacebusinessdaily_19651101.pdf

    This is Vol. 23, No. 1 of Space Business Daily, a Space Publications newsletter. Topics include ComSat's Apollo satelite, upcoming Gemini flights, the Voyager contract, the scheduling of the first flight test of the French SSBS, Lockheed Missile & Space's contract to study possible countermeasures against anti-missles, planned nuclear engine test activities, the launch of the Geodetic Explorer XXIX, the first underwater missiles delivered to the Navy, the developmet of "Dynaflare" for the Saturn program, and Department of Defense contracts.
  • spacebusinessdaily_19651102.pdf

    This is Vol. 23, No. 2 of Space Business Daily, a Space Publications newsletter. Topics include the acceleration of Soviet space testing activities, requests for advanced satellite tracking studies, the first flight model of the French satellite family, Gemini VI and VII, upcoming conferences, financial backlogs, earnings, and sales changes, contracts awarded, and several negotiations.
  • spacebusinessdaily_19651103.pdf

    This is Vol. 23, No. 3 of Space Business Daily, a Space Publications newsletter. Topics include the Apollo-support satellite system, the first manned Apollo flight scheduled, Soviet space acttivities, financial information, upcoming conferences, the future of space satellite systems, contracts awarded, and negotiations.
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