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  • spc_stnv_000106.pdf

    Presented at the AIAA/AAS Stepping Stones to Mars Meeting, this paper compares the "payload velocity spectrum for existing and future missions" with Saturn V capabilities.
  • Systappl_122007135157.pdf

    The objective is to examine the technical requirements and feasibility of conducting orbital launch operations with systems now in the development phase. In order to maintain realistic constraints on the analysis, the Saturn S-IVB stage has been used as an example of present stage technology. The requirements, procedures and complexity of operations for orbital assembly and launch are discussed. The primary design requirement for orbital assembly and launch operations is increased orbital stay time (from hours to days or weeks).
  • satuandtheexploofspac_042007155818.pdf

    Presentation Raymond Pisani to the East-West Bank Chamber of Commerce regarding the Saturn project's roll in space exploration and what contrabutions the East-West Bank can make in that area.
  • MasLisProj_050208091309.pdf

    Note attached to document to Mr. Christensen from William D. Putnam. List of projects ordered by criteria.
  • lisofhisdocandinttap_051308142123.pdf

    Archive copy is a poor photocopy.; Handwritten on the first page is "10/25/67".; Includes a letter dated Nov. 6, 1968 to Mr. Christensen from William D. Putnam.
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