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  • skylab30anniv150 (1).mp4

    This video was released in conjunction with Skylab's 30th anniversary in 2003. It contains video footage from the Skylab program as well as interviews with those associated with the program.
  • spc_skyl_001_004.pdf

    This leaflet gives an overview of types of film and camera systems being used in photography and observations on Skylab, the first space station launched by the United States.
  • spc_dann_000255.mp4

    Konrad Dannenberg tours the visitor stand for the launch of Apollo 15. Of paticular note is a scale model the is on display showing a cross-section of the Skylab space station, as well as brief shots of the Saturn V launcher and the Vehicle Assembly Building. 1971.
  • spc_dann_000312_01.mp3

    Wernher von Braun conversing with multiple people on the management of Saturn/Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs. Both sides.
  • spc_stnv_000008_01.mp3

    Interviews with Sawyer (0 - 16:58 S1) and Kudebeh (16:58 S1 - end S2) on weight penalties, schedule/performance bonuses, and project management.
  • humafactatmsky1.pdf.pdf

    Statement of work: Man/Machine activities -ATM; ATM problem areas; EVA commuting problem; Other EVA considerations; Analysis of crew considerations Mission 211/212; Mission objectives Crew Considerations; Mission Fight Profile & Operations Crew Considerations; Experiment operations crew considerations; EVA equipment requirements; Crew considerations carrier recommendations; Conclusions and recommendations crew considerations; Crew operations requirements preliminary 10 August 1996; ATM stabilization and control; ATM Carrier habitability and profile; Other ATM man/machine considerations.; Original is a poor photocopy.; Document has no page numbering.
  • spc_skyl_000005_000045.pdf

    The images depict the assembly process for aspects of the Skylab habitat. The pictures primarily depict external views, and internal electronics. The pictures feature the Skylab docking port in various states of assembly.
  • spc_skyl_000046_000061.pdf

    The images depict the Skylab cone area, and includes descriptions of the stowage systems in the cone area. The images also depict the multiple docking adapter
  • spc_skyl_000062_000086.pdf

    The images depict the Skylab habitat from an internal forward view. The images depict the docking port and the docking tunnel. The images depict the stowage systems designed to hold experiments that would be carried out in space. The image depicts completed wiring systems.
  • spc_skyl_000087_000100.pdf

    The images depict the Skylab experiments, as installed in the Skylab habitat. The images also depict the Skylab tape recorder, which would be used to record data from the three manned Skylab missions.
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