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  • Binder1_071708101034.pdf

    The document describes the Apollo modules, launch vehicles, Apollo chronology, Apollo briefs.
  • Binder1_071910091943.pdf

    The document's mission summary states "This documet is perpared jointly by the Marshall Sapce Fligh Center Laboratories S&E-ASTR-S, S&E-AERO-P, and S&E-ASTN-ESD. The document presents a brief and concise description of the AS-506 Apollo Saturn Space Vehicle and the AS-506 mission. Where necessary, for clarification, additional related information has been included. It is not intended that this document completely define the Space Vehicle, its sytems or subsystems in detail. The information presented herein by text and sketches, describe launch preparation, ground support activities, and the space vehicle. This information permits the reader to follow the sequence of events beginning a few hours before liftoff to mission completion."
  • omsfvol3book1_080307091141.pdf

    OMSF Program Status Review August 1965.; Edition "A"
  • devandutiofcomtesproforcheofspaveh_110907133554.pdf

    A computer system was designed to allow test engineers to progressively employ automation in the checkout of the Uprated Saturn I and Saturn V space vehicle programs and still allow manual control of the checkout process. A two-computer system was selected by National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the International Business Machines Corporation was chosen to provide the programming engineering necessary to implement these objectives. Space vehicle checkout, prior to launch, may be characterized by controlling, monitoring, and testing the vehicle and its subsystems through the use of ground support equipment (GSE).; IBM Huntsville Library.; Presented at AIAA Conference, XVIIth International Astronautical Congress, Madrid, Spain, October 10-15, 1966 by Edward A. Robin, Manager, Vehicle Test Programming Department.
  • Development of LOX-Hydrogen engines_041207113632.pdf

    During the development of the RL-10 and J-2 engines, many problems were encountered. Solutions to the significant problems are contained. A description of these LOX-Hydrogen engines, outlining the unique features of each will be given. Performance parameters for both engine systems are tabulated. Specific applications to various stages are shown.
  • diffconfigsucc_082107132136.pdf

    Includes memorandum for file. Configuration matrices reflecting present program status of differences in Saturn IB and Saturn V flight hardware on a mission to mission basis have been prepared. The attached matrices are arranged to show differences in major subsystems (Structures, Propulsion, Instrumentation and Range Safety, and Electrical) for each stage. The reason for the configuration difference and the mission effectivity are included.; DMD, 2031-SGE-eas, GRH; Includes "Recommendation for announcement and distribution of Bellcomm Report".
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