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  • loc_hutc_000070_000071.pdf

    This invoice outlines the items purchased by William Thomas Hutchens, interest on the items, principal, and total balance. The invoice runs from 1926 to 1933. The back includes various handwritten items.
  • loc_hutc_000147_000151.pdf

    This contract outlines the purchase and installation of automatic sprinklers for the sum of $1,674.00. The contract outlines the agreement of how the Huntsville Ware-House Co. will pay after the installation and the promises made by Hutchens & Murdock of products and techniques used. These scans include the handwritten notes on the backs of each page.
  • loc_gold_000264_000264_000267_000269.pdf

    These documents contain reciepts, correspondence, and payment of the purchase of horse equipment and "1 pair horses" by I. Schiffman.
  • loc_gold_000275_000275.pdf

    A bill for six rolls of roofing for $9.30 to Oscar Goldsmith with the Huntville Land Co.
  • loc_gold_000280_000282_000288_000291.pdf

    These first two letters, written by Ed to "Papa" Oscar Goldsmith detail paying off land notes to get money for possible "urgent purpose[s]". The second letter discusses a charge Ed put in the ledger and the hope to "improve things" with his business. The next letter is also from Ed. In this letter, Ed discloses information regarding his lack of a permanent place and inquires if he should sell the property on Clinton Street and his car. The final two letters are written by an unknown author, but contain information from Oscar to Ed in reponse to Ed's letters. The letters advise Ed not to sell the house on Clinton Street as it would sell for less than he owes on it at the time, but does advise to sell his car. It also tells of payments made by Oscar at the request of Ed. It discloses details about Ed's financial situation. The second letter regards a dividend Ed received from the Wonderfield Oil Co. along with a note that "Papa" is feeling better.
  • loc_gold_000283_000287.pdf

    A check from Oscar Goldsmith for $259.51 to W. R. Rison Banking Company, signed on the back by R. E. Sessions. The second check is blank on the front with a handwritten note on the back for the following day. The writing is difficult to read but notes something about one dollar for or from Oscar Goldsmith, also signed by R. E. Sessions.
  • loc_gold_000293_000293.pdf

    Receipt of payment of $8.50 from E. H. S. signed by Walter Gurley.
  • loc_gold_000308_000317.pdf

    These letters detail a chronological correspondence between Oscar Goldsmith and John A. Chapman, his agent, regarding negotiations to purchase property on Meridianville Pike from W. H. Halsey. The letters between Chapman and Goldsmith discuss reasonable price offers and "fancy" price Halsey wants for the property. In the end, Halsey writes a letter detailing the final transaction and cost.
  • loc_gold_000372_000373.pdf

    Receipts detailing the purchase of paint by Oscar Goldsmith and and itemized receipt and list.
  • loc_gold_000400_000401.pdf

    Telegram to A. L. Rison from Jones-Baugh Cotton Company confirming the sale of one thousand bales of cotton.
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