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  • spc_stnv_000140.pdf

    Includes a letter to David L. Christensen, Research Institute, University of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama from James Neely, dated March 18, 1969, with the subject line, "Technical paper entitled 'Start Transient Investigation of the Rocketdyne J-2 engine at Simulated Altitude Conditions.' " The bibliography of all AEDC J-2 engine test reports between July 1966 and Octoebr 1968 is attached.
  • systengrprop.pdf

    Page numbering is inconsistent; there are no pages numbered 14 - 17. Some pages have handwritten numbers, others have no numbers at all.; The print quality of many pages is poor. Discusses the definition and function of propulsion as well as how to most effectively employ it .
  • Stabanalofapol_101310150040.pdf

    The propulsion and the structure of a space vehicle form a feedback loop through inertial coupling referred to as the pogo phenomenon and experienced with the Thor , Titan, and Apollo-Saturn V space vehicles.
  • Propkey.pdf

    Cover has: P. D. Castenholz and H. K. Griggs, Advanced Systems, Advanced Projects Department. D. W. Hege, Manager, Advanced Projects. Paper regarding the importance of propulsion technology and the future missions that would require advancements in that field.
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