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  • loc_burw_-73.pdf

    The captured items referred to are "1-J Fador 504".
  • loc_robf_000225_000230.pdf

    This deed was created and finalized on June 19, 1843 between Samuel Conner and Elizabeth Routt (then High) following the death of her third husband, Alexander Jeffries. This indenture gives Samuel Conner a sum of two hundred and thirty seven dollars for a parcel of land. The land would be the Jeffries plantation that Elizabeth would live on until after the death of her sixth husband, Willis Routt, and following the dismissal of her lawsuit against Abner Tate.
  • loc_hutc_000139_000142.pdf

    These documents list the real estate owned by William Thomas Hutchens and Andrew J. Murdock, a list of stocks and bonds, and a contract between Hutchens and Hutchens & Murdock to lease two lower floors, basement, and grounds of a building owned by Hutchens & Murdock for the price of $40.00 per month.
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