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  • spc_nick_000093_000094.pdf

    Bell responds to McDonald's letter from April 30, 1957. He discusses the Nickerson case and the recent call for witnesses by the trial counsel. He also discusses old aquaintances on a personal level and mentions his upcoming trip to Indianapolis, hoping to have lunch with McDonald while there.
  • spc_nick_000099_000099.pdf

    In response to Bell's May 8th letter, McDonald informs Bell that Mr. Wiltsie will proceed as instructed regarding the reponse to the inquiry. He also expresses that he and his wife are excited to have Bell and his wife visit them.
  • spc_nick_000232_000234.pdf

    Letter requests Ralph Wiltsie's presence at the trials of Colonel John C. Nickerson, Jr. It also includes questions Wiltsie is to answer in a written statement and an anticipated range of dates he will be expected to give his testimony in court.
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