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    Post Office, built 1936. Located at 101 Clinton East, Huntsville, Alabama. Burned 1960s. Later became the Federal Courthouse.
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    Various Structures in Mooresville, Alabama in Limestone County. Includes: A walking tour pamphlet for Historic Mooresville which maps and shows images and information on 33 different structures, such as the c. 1826 Campbell-Woodruff Home; news articles on the Aunt Polly House; the Zietler-Hill House, built 1927-1945, Federal Period; the Hurn-Thach House, built c. 1825 with a c. 1850 addition, Federal Revival style, Andrew Jackson may have rented a room there; the Leftwich-Harris House, built c. 1826; the Scott House, built pre-1820; the Stagecoach Inn and Tavern, also known as the Old Tavern, built c. 1825, Federal Period; the Campbell-Woodruff House built c. 1826; various stores from the mid to late 1800s; the Zeitler-McCrary House, built c. 1826; the Union Church, built 1839; Simmons Cottage, built c. 1890; the outbuildings of various houses; the Mooresville post office, built c. 1850-1870; the Wilmer residence guest house, built c. 1970 by Allison Bailey; the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, or the Brick Church, built c. 1839.
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