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    Magnolia Grove, built c. 1840. Greek Revival Style. Includes a slave house southwest and a well west of the main building. Located at 102 Hobson St., Greensboro, Alabama.
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    Belle Mont, also known as the Henry Thornton Plantation, built c. 1828. Palladian-influenced Federal Period architecture. Located in Tuscumbia in Colbert County, Alabama. The first owner of the house was Alexander W. Mitchell, who was once a neighbor of Thomas Jefferson. There is some speculation that the designer of this home was the same designer of Jefferson's home Monticello.
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    The Blevins-Mastin house, built c. 1835 by John Blevins. Greek revival plantation house. The house was eventually owned by the Church of Christ and used as a church by removing the entrance hall. Original walls and doors were replaced when converted back to a house. The church offered the house to Alabama Constitutional Village in 1994 and relocated to Williams and Fountain Circle, Huntsville. Originally at 3705 N. Parkway, Huntsville, Alabama.
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    The Cox-White-Faber House, built c. 1836 in the Federal style by architect George Steele. At one time had several service buildings that contained the kitchen, servants' quarters, the stable, and more. Only one large service building remains, presumed to be the smokehouse. The house underwent expansions in 1844 and again a few years later. A Greek Revival trim was added in the mid-1800s. Located at 312 White St., Huntsville, Alabama.
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    Thomas-McCrary home. Brick. Built in several sections. The two-story core is the original 1824 home, with the single story additions dating from 1870. Includes a wooden smokehouse and commissary as outbuildings. Located at 356 McVille Lane in New Market, Ala.
  • loc_jonh_012776_012816p2.pdf

    Ruins of 1820s plantation house at the Forks of the Cypress. Ruins consists of 23 columns made onsite by slave labor. Off Jackson Road in Lauderdale County, Ala.
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