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  • loc_hutc_000193_000203.pdf

    This envelope contained various receipts and handwritten calculations and notes pertaining to the building and assessment of the new street proposed by William Thomas Hutchens. Receipts include totals for paving the streets of Monroe and West Clinton, and the assessment notices of the completed streets.
  • loc_hutc_000136_000138.pdf

    This document states that William Thomas Hutchens paid Andrew J. Murdock $4,702.22 for Murdock's half interest in the pluming and heating business. Attached is the insurance agreement of the property of Hutchens & Murdock and the payment agreement for the insurance.
  • loc_hutc_000146_000146.pdf

    This paper acknowledges Hutchens' payment to J. E. Montgomery for "his interest in said firm." Hutchens paid $70.17.
  • loc_hutc_000183_000184.pdf

    This official agreement states that Laura M. Powell will pay 6.5 percent interest instead of 8 on her note of June 14, 1920, to be due on December 14, 1929. Written on The First National Bank in Huntsville, Alabama letterhead.
  • loc_gold_000283_000287.pdf

    A check from Oscar Goldsmith for $259.51 to W. R. Rison Banking Company, signed on the back by R. E. Sessions. The second check is blank on the front with a handwritten note on the back for the following day. The writing is difficult to read but notes something about one dollar for or from Oscar Goldsmith, also signed by R. E. Sessions.
  • loc_hutc_000206_000217.pdf

    Most likely William Wyeth Newman, these various checks are signed by W. W. Newman from the W. R. Rison Banking Company to various recipients.
  • loc_gold_000365_000367_000370_000371.pdf

    Correspondence between G. H. Milliken, W. E. Winchester, and Oscar Goldsmith regarding flowers bought for the funeral of Mr. Rison.
  • loc_hutc_000109_000110.pdf

    Hutchens & Murdock agrees in the original text to pay $161.73. The text that is written on top of the original states that Plummer had received $25.04 in full payment. Various other illegible notes remain.
  • loc_hutc_000131_000132.pdf

    This note outlines the procedure that would occur following the payment of all debts against the firm of Hutchens & Murdock.
  • loc_gold_000322_000323.pdf

    This letter is probably to Oscar Goldsmith and his wife, or whoever maintained correspondence with Ed while Oscar was sick. Ed expresses his apologies for Oscar's condition and states that it was "ideal Spring days" in Chattanooga. After closing the letter, Ed writes on the back: "Please pay the enclosed insurance premium also as I am afraid to pay it and run short of cash."
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