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    These documents contain reciepts, correspondence, and payment of the purchase of horse equipment and "1 pair horses" by I. Schiffman.
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    A check from Oscar Goldsmith for $259.51 to W. R. Rison Banking Company, signed on the back by R. E. Sessions. The second check is blank on the front with a handwritten note on the back for the following day. The writing is difficult to read but notes something about one dollar for or from Oscar Goldsmith, also signed by R. E. Sessions.
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    Receipt for Oscar Goldsmith's payment of five dollars to Leo N. Levi Memorial Hospital. The hospital is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is a mental health facility and, at this time, a nursing school that existed until 1952.
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    Receipt of payment of $8.50 from E. H. S. signed by Walter Gurley.
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    Receipt of payment of $29.00 from Samuel Strauss for land taxes in Kossuth County, Iowa. Signed bythe treasurer, S. S. Rist.
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    This letter is probably to Oscar Goldsmith and his wife, or whoever maintained correspondence with Ed while Oscar was sick. Ed expresses his apologies for Oscar's condition and states that it was "ideal Spring days" in Chattanooga. After closing the letter, Ed writes on the back: "Please pay the enclosed insurance premium also as I am afraid to pay it and run short of cash."
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    R. E. Smith, as city attorney, writes to inform Oscar Goldsmith of an unpaid balance for improvements on Jefferson Street. He requests Goldsmith to call the office of the Clerk of the City of Huntsville to settle the claim.
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    Correspondence between G. H. Milliken, W. E. Winchester, and Oscar Goldsmith regarding flowers bought for the funeral of Mr. Rison.
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    Receipts detailing the purchase of paint by Oscar Goldsmith and and itemized receipt and list.
  • loc_gold_000375_000382.pdf

    A collection of letters from G. H. Milliken to Oscar Goldsmith regarding various business related topics including stockholders and directors meetings, certificates for shares of Pacolet stock for Judge Walker, the confirmation that Judge Walker's check was received and the stock certificate was mailed, and potential buyers of Huntsville Land Co's. Dallas stock.
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