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  • spc_dann_000178.mp4

    Film shows the remainder of the departure of a ship from Pier 88 outside of New York City, New York with Klaus and Ingeborg Dannenberg aboard. The last portion shows the entrance to the St. Augustine chamber of commerce as well as a large cannon donated to the city. Summer 1959.
  • spc_dann_000184.mp4

    Trip to Frankfurt, West Germany. Shows multiple shots of Frankfurt airport as well as taking off and aerial views of Germany. Final shots show touchdown in New York and the reception area inside of a New York airport. "Ffm" is an abbreviation of Frankfurt am Main. 1960.
  • spc_dann_000210.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg pick up the Ullrichs from the airport and drive them to a motel. They they proceed to have a get-together and talk with them. Includes footage of baby Kerry. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "We meet the Ullrichs at the Kennedy Int'l Airport in New York on 10 Sept 67 / At Alma's Farmhouse in Quakertown on 12 Sept 67 / Little George on Farmhouse lawn - 1x w/ Hanns / very good!" Fall 1967.
  • spc_nick_000566_000568.pdf

    Webster sends three copies of the same letter to Congressman Frederic Coudert, Jr., Senator Irving M. Ives, and Secretary of the Army Wilber M. Brucker, asking them to take "an immediate active interest in the pending army court martial" of Colonel John C. Nickerson. He testifies to Nickerson's character and his value to the national defense system.
  • spc_nick_000569_000570.pdf

    Webster writes saying he thinks Wilson does a good job running the nation's defense system and because of that, Webster asks Wilson to evaluate Nickerson's performance of duty and would feel "thoroughly disillusioned to see such a 1st class officer sacked."
  • spc_nick_000610_000610.pdf

    Bowman writes to Pfeifer about a "two-pager" that he wrote, detailing its contents. He also includes several other of his resume highlights including four novels, playscripts, and other things he has written. Bowman also includes that he is the president of the Tallulah Bankhead Society, a society that honors and celebrates a 1930s actress from Alabama. Bowman is appealing to Pfeifer, a creative film manager, about his recent work on the Nickerson case.
  • loc_hutc_000017_000018.pdf

    Photograph of "Susie Withers White?", as identified on the back of the portrait card. On back: "J. O'Neil, Photographer, 949 Broadway, N. Y. (bet. 22d & 23d Sts.)"
  • loc_hutc_000063_000064.pdf

    This is a list of companies in the Textile-Shares Corporation. It also includes textile bonds and the end. The back has a faded handwritten note. $10.00, July 25, 1939, and Madison , Alabama can be made out.
  • loc_gold_000362_000362_000368_000369.pdf

    These letters discuss the appointment of a new treasurer of Dallas Mnfg. Co. to succeed Mr. Rison. Oscar Goldsmith offers himself as an applicant for the position in the first letter. The second letter is Milliken's response to the topic. He states that Mr. Rhett has been selected for some time now while Mr. Rison was still there. Milliken thanks Goldsmith for his willingness to take on more work and hopes he will continue as Assistant Treasurer as he deems it "unwise for a man of your age" to take on additional responsibilities. Goldsmith replies in the final letter expressing happiness at Mr. Rhett's appointment and mentions the already-scheduled Director's Meeting.
  • loc_gold_000397_000398.pdf

    Newson writes to Milliken about a party who wants to purchase Dallas Mfg. Co. stock though the dividends are low. The second letter details the purchase price the party is willing to pay and if Milliken knows anyone with 100 to 300 shares for sale.
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