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  • loc_mshc_0000023_web.pdf
  • loc_mshc_0000026_web.pdf

    The photo depicts a man sitting on the rocks amidst the trees. The back of the photo reads, " 'The Eddies' or Eddy Rocks of Monte Sano."
  • loc_mshc_0000028_web.pdf

    The O'Shaughnessy Place, nicknamed "Castle Delight," was built in 1885 by Col. James and Lucy O'Shaughnessy. It was a two-story Queen Anne-style house with four chimneys, gas lights, water lines, and indoor plumbing. Col. O'Shaughnessy was a cotton and real estate broker, seaport and railroad developer, and co-owner of the Huntsville Hotel, Huntsville Opera House, Hotel Monte Sano, and the Monte Sano Railway and Turnpike. The house burned in March 1890 and was demolished in the 1920s.
  • loc_mshc_0000029_web.pdf

    The well is a large limestone cave shaft located near the site of the Hotel Monte Sano.
  • loc_mshc_0000032_web.pdf

    The hotel opened on June 1, 1887 as a luxury health resort. It was built by the North Alabama Improvement Company with funding from Michael and James O'Shaughnessy. The hotel closed in 1900 and was demolished in 1944.
  • loc_mshc_0000033_web.pdf

    This photo shows a scene at Lily Lake on the grounds of Col. James O'Shaughnessy's home on Monte Sano. According to the Historic Huntsville Quarterly, the structure in the foreground of the photo is a "four-tiered vertical framework covered with ivy, and reaching an impressive height of twelve feet or so."
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  • loc_mshc_0000036_web.pdf
  • loc_mshc_0000047_web.pdf

    This map was drawn by William W. Varnedoe, Jr. and published by the Monte Sano Civic Association. It shows Monte Sano's neighborhoods, the state park, and the mountain's natural features, including springs and caves. The map also notes changes in elevation.
  • loc_robf_131_154_webA.pdf

    This celebration was held on the park's opening day. Events included a parade, an address given by Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives William B. Bankhead, a history pageant, and a "Queen's Ball" that evening at the Russel Erskine Hotel. The program includes a description of the cabins, the "Legend of Monte Sano," a history of Huntsville, and a program for the history pageant, titled "The Parade of Progress."
  • monte_sano_aerial_web.pdf

    The photograph shows Monte Sano at lower center, with Governors Drive at left and Bankhead Highway at right.
  • monte_sano_1889_web.pdf

    Drawn for the North Ala. Improvement Co., the map details various natural features of Monte Sano, the James F. O'Shaughnessy estate "Mountain Villa," the Hotel Monte Sano, the community of Viduta, and the Monte Sano Railway.
  • monte_sano_1909_web.pdf

    Drawn for James F. O'Shaughnessy, the map shows the Monte Sano Hotel, the community of Viduta, Laura's View and Laura's View Station, and natural features of the mountain, such as Chalybeate Spring and Natural Well. The map also features names of property owners O'Shaughnessy, J. R. Stevens, Mrs. M. W. Wells, Milton Humes, and W. J. Pulley.
  • monte_sano_plat_web.pdf

    The map shows neighborhoods, boundaries, and structures on Monte Sano as well as the surrounding areas. Land owned by Monte Sano State Park and the Burritt Museum is designated.
  • monte_sano_1938_web.pdf

    The map notes park roads, buildings, telephone lines, trails, overlooks, and cliffs, and includes drawings of picnic and camping areas, a pool, and a lodge. Locations such as Inspiration Point, the former site of the Monte Sano Hotel, Natural Well, O'Shaughnessy Point, the fire tower, and the C.C.C. camp are marked. The map was taken from "aerial photographs as drawn by O.G. Graves" based on a land survey conducted by John F. Davis.
  • spc_dann_000181.mp4

    Outdoor shots of a snowstorm on Monte Sano outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Of note are the numerous icicles hanging from power lines and tree branches. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000182.mp4

    Survey of damage from snowstorm. Shown is the property in and around the Dannenbergs' house and the roads nearby. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000183.mp4

    A large snowstorm blankets Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Shown are Konrad and Klaus Dannenberg shovelling snow and playing with the cats in the snow. Winter 1960.
  • spc_dann_000188.mp4

    The Dannenberg and Doane families take part in an Easter egg hunt. Shown are Kerry Dannenberg and Johnny Doane hunting for eggs in the front yard of Konrad Dannenberg's house. Circa 1965-1969.
  • spc_dann_000193.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg celebrate Christmas. They are shown opening presents around a Christmas tree in Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, " 'Bescherung' Auspacken der Geschenke Klaus, Ulla, George, IMK + Ko also Lucky 2x."
  • spc_dann_000194.mp4

    Snowfall at the Dannenbergs' house at Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama, Winter 1962/63. Shown are shots of the roads outside and the dog playing in the snow.
  • spc_dann_000195.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Ingeborg Dannenberg celebrating Christmas. Shown is them opening Christmas gifts and card at the house on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1962. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "George & Ulla leaving Kl w/Schnaps bottles / Lucky - Xmas Cards."
  • spc_dann_000196.mp4

    First half is no good. Second half shows the Christmas turkey being taken out of the oven, carved, and served to the Dannenberg family. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1962.
  • spc_dann_000222.mp4

    Clip shows the Dannenbergs (Konrad, Klaus, Betty, Ingeborg, and Kerry) celebrating Christmas. The family is shown lounging around a living room talking as Klaus plays with Kerry. Winter 1967.
  • spc_dann_000223.mp4

    Klaus, Kerry, Betty, and Ingeborg Dannenberg are shown opening presents around a Christmas tree. Winter 1967.
  • spc_dann_000224.mp4

    Footage of Klaus, Kerry, Ingeborg, and Betty Dannenberg relaxing around the Christmas tree. The video focuses mostly on Kerry and the Dannenbergs' new dog, a black terrier named McDuff. Winter 1967.
  • spc_dann_000225.mp4

    Clips in the beginning show Klaus and Betty Dannenberg cleaning up after opening all the Christmas presents. The end of the film shows a number of title cards, most likely used to annotate the series of Christmas videos. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Betty / Klaus / presents / Titles / xmas lights (yellow)." Winter 1967.
  • spc_dann_000226.mp4

    Collection of clips from Christmas at the Dannenbergs' house, winter 1967. Shown are Klaus and Betty opening presents as well as the Dannenbergs' two dogs, Lucky and McDuff.
  • spc_dann_000227.mp4

    Konrad, Klaus, and Betty Dannenberg unwrap presents in the Dannenbergs' living room. At the very end, McDuff is shown playing with some of the leftover wrapping material. Winter 1967.
  • spc_dann_000228.mp4

    Video shows the aftermath of a snowstorm on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. The video surveys the surrounding neighborhood as well as captures the Dannenbergs' dog, Lucky, playing in the snow. Winter 1967/68.
  • spc_dann_000229.mp4

    Video first shows Betty Dannenberg feeding baby Kerry. Then the film transitions to Klaus and Betty opening presents around the Christmas tree. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "First Pictures Xmas tree from Kitchen / look at presents - close up / Betty & Klaus unwrap presents - IMK." Winter 1967/68.
  • spc_dann_000230.mp4

    Video shows Kerry Dannenberg crawling around the Dannenbergs' backyard, with appearances by Lucky, Klaus, and Betty Dannenberg. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the front of the film box reads, "First attempts to walk / but he keeps on crawling." On the reverse, his note reads: "25 Aug 1968 - Kerry in Backyard / 5130 Panorama / also w/Lucky crawling on lawn / crawling up/down steps." Summer 1968.
  • spc_dann_000232.mp4

    Film shows Kerry crawling and walking in the Dannenbergs' yard alongside Ingeborg and Lucky. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "2 Sept 1968 - (Klaus and Betty are in Acapulco, (Mex) / Kerry, IMK & Lucky at home - Ks first steps / first in Backyard then - frontyard / K winds up crying!" Fall 1968.
  • spc_dann_000233.mp4

    Film shows Konrad and Kerry Dannenberg visiting a local swimming pool. While unable to swim, Kerry is held by Konrad as he plays in the water. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. "Film Broken - Kerry & Ko at Monte Sano, Swim Club! Outside - in small pool, in big pool - INTERRUPTION / a few feet at home, 3 Sept 68 - Labor Day, glue together!" 1968.
  • spc_dann_000235.mp4

    First part of video shows Kerry and Klaus playing with Kerry's new drum set that he got for Christmas. The latter half of the film shows Kerry being sat down for dinner by Betty. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1968.
  • spc_dann_000236.mp4

    First part of film shows Kerry eating and drinking at a table with Ingeborg Dannenberg. Second part shows Kerry opening and setting up a toy train track with Klaus Dannenberg. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama Winter 1968
  • spc_dann_000237.mp4

    Footage shows Kerry Dannenberg playing and walking around the living room while Klaus, Betty, and Ingeborg open presents. Last scene shows Klaus Dannenberg reading a book to Kerry. Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Winter 1968.
  • spc_dann_000247.mp4

    Film showing the inside of the Dannenbergs' house on 5130 Panorama Drive, Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. The clips show Ingeborg and Klaus Dannenberg plus Johnny walking around outside the house as well as relaxing in the family room. Konrad Dannenberg's note on the film box reads, "Inside (5130 Panorama) shots (very dark) / Johnny looking for Easter Eggs - also G. jr / Film is NOT TOO GOOD." Spring 1970.
  • spc_dann_000248.mp4

    Christmas 1970 at the Dannenbergs' house on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. Shown are the kids (Kerry Dannenberg, George, and Johnny) opening Christmas presents while the adults (Klaus, Betty, Ingeborg, and Konrad Dannenberg as well as Ulla and Erna) supervise them.
  • spc_dann_000249.mp4

    Christmas 1970 at the Dannenbergs' house on Monte Sano, Huntsville, Alabama. In this film, Ingeborg, Kerry, Konrad, and Betty Dannenberg open presents while sitting in the living room.
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