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  • Measurementsonthesaturnspacevehicle_041408135140.pdf

    The history of man might be considered as an ever increasing quantity and quality of measurements. Measurements related to space have been made by early astronomers, modern astronomers, and now by aerospace technologists. The manned lunar landing, a major national goal, has given us the means to measure in space. The space vehicle development itself has made heavy demands on instrumentation; this is discussed in some detail in this paper. The advantages of the International System of Units are mentioned. Some examples are used to illustrate the future of space measurement.
  • Measuringinstrumentationsupport_052208151554.pdf

    Article refers to photographs, providing context to what is shown in them with formulas and measurements.
  • Huntisasdec68_040709153450.pdf

    The following article is a digest from the Book, "From Peenemunde to Outer Space", commemorating the fiftieth birthday of Wernher von Braun, March 23, 1962 condensed by H. M. Hammac).
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